Ramnagar Sibian




Ramnagar Sibian

Hindi Name


Time Period

1840s to 1947


  • Sardar Daya Singh Sibia , was founder of Ramnagar Sibian, He was the revenue tax officer (Tehsildar) of Jind State in 1857, was married had issues with three son’s-
    • Balwant Singh Sibia
    • Mahan Singh Sibia, was serverd under the Jind State, He joined as a “Tehsildar”and gradually rose to the rank of Nizam Of JindState,Had Purchased a property in Shikarpur, near hisar, that once belonged to Sir Thomas Skinner.His family were responsible for raising the famous “Skinners Horse”, a Cavalry Regiment at Hansi, in 1803. It still forms one of the oldest army regiments in India Today, was married had issues with two sons-
      • Sher Singh Sibia, was joined the Jind State infantry as an officer, in 1882,and appointed in 1904.and promoted as Tehsildar five years and to the post of “Nizam”.in 1918.In 1911 during Delhi Dubar is remembered as the coronation ceremony of the King George V, on his official visit of India, he participated with H.H Maharaja Ranbir Singh Of Jind as part of the royal entourage to Delhi.In 1921 was Sessions Judge, and was made Member of the Revenue Settlement Board , was married had issue with one son-
        • Gurbaksh Singh ,was born in 1921 at Gobindpura, JindState,In 1930 , also he participated in National movement around the Punjab, He founded many institutions of learning, since the Malwa belt was backward,was married to SardarniBeant Kaur Sahiba, belonged to Jat Estate of KotShera,had issues with two son’s and four daughter’s , he was died in 1980.
          • Tegvir Singh Sibia, was married had issues with one son and daughter-
            • Kanwarbir Singh Sibia
            • Bibiji Harman Kaur Sahiba
          • Karanvir Singh Sibia , was done there students from Welham Boy’s School, Dehradun.He later pursued advanced courses in agriculture and stud farm management,later becoming the founding Member of Nanhi Jaan Origination.also He is author of “ A Life Well Lived” and has completed his second book on the Royal State to Punjab,named “ Punjab”s Royal Heritage- Our Pride”, was married to Sardarni Harpreet Kaur Sahiba, had issue’s with one son and daughter-
            • Gursimran Singh Sibia , married to Bibiji Anahat Kaur Sahiba,had issues with two sons-
              • Shahan Singh Sibia
              • Ivaan Singh Sibia
            • Bibiji Pavit Kaur Sibia
          • Bibiji Surendra Kaur Sahiba
          • Bibiji Amarinder Kaur Sahiba
          • Bibiji Harsimrat Kaur Sahiba
          • Bibiji Tevinder Kaur Sahiba
    • Gurdit Singh, Was married and issues with one son-
      • Ranjit Singh, Was married and issues with one son –
        • Harbaksh Singh Sibia
  • Sardar Balwant Singh Sibia, Chief Of RamnagarSibian, was married had issue with one son-
    • Partap Singh
  • Sardar Partap Singh, Chief Of RamnagarSibian, was married had issues with two sons-
    • Randhir Singh
    • Raghubir Singh
  • Sardar Randhir Singh , Chief Of RamnagarSibian, was married had issue with one-
    • Bakshish Singh
  • Sardar Bakshish Singh , Chief Of RamnagarSibian
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