Hindi Name


Time Period

1820 to 1947


Sardar Fateh Singh second son of Sardar Kirpal Singh of Shamgarh was given the villages of Sugar, Kurak and Jatpur, this grant of land came to be known as Suga jagir.


  • Sardar Fateh Singh (d.1869),Jagirdar Of Suga, He was the third son of SardarKirpal Singh , Founder Of Shamgarh ,he received the villages of Suga, Kurak and Jetpura etc -
    • Bibiji (Unknown) Kaur , was married to Bhatti Jat Chief ShahzadaShahdev Singh Of Raebareli, Son Of Maharaja Sher Singh Of Lahore.
    • Bibiji Harnam Kaur , was married to Sardar Veer Singh Chinna.
    • Sham Singh
  • Sardar Sham Singh, Jagirdar Of Suga- was married had issue with one son , He was died on 1854 -
    • Sampuran Singh (b.1885-d.1954)
  • Sardar Sampuran Singh , Jagirdar Of Suga- was born in 1885, he was educated first at Lucknow's oldest public school's, Colvin Taluqdars College, established in 1889, and later from the prestigious Aitchison College, Lahore.He had qualified as a Civil engineer from England, later served the Dholpur State, as Chief Engineer,Later He become the personal secretary to the Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Of Patiala, had issues with two sons and one daughter -
    • Gurmukh Singh (b.1906-d.1955)
    • Bibiji Rajinder Kaur , was married Rajinder Malhon
    • Gurcharan Singh (b.1914-d.1969),was married had issue's three sons and two daughters -
      • Harpreet Singh (b.1940)
      • Abhinash Inder Singh (b.1942), was married had issue's with two daughters and one son -
        • Bibiji Harveen Kaur
        • Bibiji Anant Kaur
        • Himmat Singh, was married had issue with one son -
          • Jagdeepinder Singh
      • Jagdeep Inder Singh ,(b.1948), was married had issues with two sons -
        • Arjun Singh (b.1979),was married had issue with one daughter -
          • Bibiji Mehar Kaur (b.2009)
        • Captain Ranjit Singh (b.1983), was married had issue with one daughter -
          • Bibiji Jia Kaur (b.2014)
      • Bibiji Malvinder Kaur, was married to Colonel Sardar Harinder Singh Of Attariwala.
      • Bibiji Parminder Kaur, born 1950, was married to A.K Sakand.
  • Sardar Gurmukh Singh, Jagirdar Of Sagga- was born in 1906,was married had issue's with four sons and two daughters -
    • Sharanjit Singh (b.1932-d.2007)
    • Bibiji Harinder Kaur
    • Tejinder Singh (b.1936)
    • Harcharan Singh (b.1944)
    • Ranbir Singh (b.1946-d.2005)
    • Bibiji Daljit Kaur
  • Sardar Sharanjit Singh, Jagirdar Of Sagga
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