Hindi Name



The Naharwars of Salempur trace there origin to one Nahar Singh. The Naharwars found the Salempur jagir in the hills of Jagrauti. Over time they developed cordial relationship with the Delhi Emperor and by the 17th century they were also given the chaudharait of a tappa in the Sarkar of Hinduan-Bayana. During the time if Emperor Aurangzeb, several members of this family served as fauzdars and thanedars making them one of the strongest clan in there region. Chaudhary Ratiram Singh of Salempur was a loyal jagirdar and izmatdar of the Mughal Empire. When Badan Singh was exiled from Thun by his cousin Raja Mukham Singh he took refuge at Salempur. During that time Badan Singh hardly had a army of his own, the death of Rup Singh( elder brother of Badan Singh) resulted in several chiefs deserting him. One of his peshkars advised him that Ratiram Singh is a man of influence and if Badan Singh marries his son with the daughter of the Naharwar chief then he would be able to raise a bigger army. The young Surajmal was married to Hansia , the beautiful daughter of Ratiram. Little did anyone knew this marriage will change the fortunes of both the houses. Ratiram Singh not only send his 5 sons with there band of warriors to the camp of Badan Singh but he also asked the Mughal authority to support the cause of Badan Singh. When Raja Badan Singh laid the foundation of his new kingdom, the Naharwar became the premier nobles of the state. Balram Singh, the elder son of Ratiram Singh was appointed as the Prime Minister of the state. He also founded the fort of Ballabgarh (not to confuse with Ballabgarh, Haryana) and shifted his headquarters there. Meanwhile the collateral branch of the Naharwars got the management of the jagir of Salempur. Salempur ranked next to Ballabgarh and Deoli among the Naharwar houses.

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