Hindi Name


Time Period



More Then 22 (inculding Dhandowal)


11,800 per annum


The Sardars of Shahkot and Dhandowal are Badecha Jats, and are descended from the same ancestor Chaudhary Amrika, a resident of Dhianpur, Amritsar. About one hundred and fifty years ago he settled in Kang and inherited the property of his mother’s father. Amrika’s sons Sujan Singh (who was killed at the capture of Nakodar), Man Singh and Dan Singh became members of Lara Singhs band, and were given villages about Shahkot, Bopara and Raipur Bahia, in Nakodar, and some in Dharamkot, Mari and Tihara, to the south of the Satlaj. On the break-up of the Dalawala Confederacy the descendants of Dan Singh seem to have been completely despoiled ; but those of Sujan Singh and Man Singh retained part of Shahkot and Dharamkot on submitting to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The British Government resumed the Dharamkot estates in lieu of service sowars and released part of Shahkot.This grant was changed to a conquest jagir in 185S.Thefamily of Dan Singh live in Shahkot, where they own Jagir. The descendants of Sujan Singh also live there, and those of Man Singh reside in Dhandowal. Sardar Narain Singh. Zaildar of Shahkot, is the son of Sardar Gurbakhsh Singh, great-grandson of Sujan Singh. Sardar Bhup Singh was the son of Sardar Bhag Singh, eldest son of Man Singh. His widows have a pension of Rs. 1,200 per annum, and one of them is a Lambardar of Shahkot. The jagirs of the family are situated in Shahkot, Dhandowal and twenty-two other villages, and are worth Rs. 11.800 per annum of which about three-fifths belong to the Shahkot branch. Sardar Partab Singh, Dhandowal, is married to a daughter of Sardar Khushal Singh of Dialpur,, Sardar Gurdit Singh of Thala, is a Naib-Tahsildar. Sardar Gurbaksh Singh, who died in iSSI, was Sub-Registrar at Shahkot for some years. His son Dalip Singh is a Naib-Tahsildar. He is also allowed to hold the Zaildarship of Shahkot. Sardar Mit Singh, Dhandowal, is the senior representative of both families. He and his cousins Partab Singh, Dhandowal, and Nahal Singh, Shahkotia, are Viceregal Darbaris. Sardar Amar Singh’s name is on the Provincial.


  • Chaudhary Amrika
    • Man Singh
    • Dhan Singh
    • Sujan Singh (1871)
      • Mohar Singh
        • Sahib Singh ( D.1846)
          • Gurbakhah Singh ( D.1881)
            • Dalip Singh ( D.1904)
              • Bhagat Singh
                • Kishan Singh ( D 1918)
                  • Baljindra Singh
            • Ishar Singh ( D.1899)
            • Narayan Singh (D.1935)
              • Kartar Singh ( B.1874)
                • Balwant Singh ( B.1918)
            • Narendra Singh ( 1891)
              • Mahendra Singh ( D.1889)
        • Kharak Singh ( D.1856)
          • Bakhshish Singh ( D 1889)
            • Amar Singh
              • Arjan Singh
                • Gurcharan Singh ( B.1923)
                • Balvir Singh
          • Nihal Singh
            • Sunder Singh ( D. 1891)
              • Bishan Singh ( B.1891)
                • Raghubir Singh ( B.1918)
            • Atma Singh ( D.1907)
Sources :-
  • Chiefs and Families of  Note in the Punjab – L.H Griffin.
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