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The jagirdars of Sidhuwal belonged to the Bhaike sept of Sidhu clan. The house of Sidhuwal share ancestry with the Rajas of Kaithal and jagirdars of Arnauli and Jhamba. Sidhowal was given in jagir by Bhai Basawa Singh, the Jagirdar of Arnauli to his son Sangat Singh.


  • Bhai Sangat Singh, Jagirdar of Sidhowal 1823/1849, married and had issue. He died 1849.
  • Bhai Anokh Singh, Head of the Jagiri House of Sidhowal 1849/1894, born 1834, he remained loyal during the two Sikh wars and during the Mutiny; he and his cousin were rewarded with the remission of one year's commutation charge of Rs3,577 on their estates, and the demand was reduced by one-half for their lifetime; he exercised Civil and Criminal powers within the limits of his estate, a Divisional Darbari, married and had issue. He died 1894 at Sadhowal.
  • Bhai Zabar Jang Singh, Head of the Jagiri House of Sidhowal 1894/1918, born 1888, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore; he was posthumously granted a Sword of Honour for his services in recruitment during WWI; married and had issue. He died 1918.
  • Bhai Sher Jung Singh , b.1913, was educated at Aitchison College, and Government College, Lahore. He was nominated to the ICS, and married Sardarni Tejinder Kaur, the daughter of Sardar Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, from Patiala, had issues with two daughters and one son-
    • Bibiji Tejinder Kaur , was married to Sardar Surendra Singh Kahlon
    • Iqbal Jung Singh, was married to Sardarni Inder Kaur Sahiba, had issues with two daughters -
      • Bibiji April Kaur
      • Bibiji Nina Kaur
    • Bibiji Rupinder Kaur
  • Major Bhai Fateh Singh, Head of the Jagiri House of Sidhowal 1918/-, born 1909, was educated at Aitchison College, Lahore, and later became prefect at the college, as well as a worthy scion of the sacred family of Bhaike. He received the Silver Jubilee Medal, by the British Government in 1935. His passion for sports was well known. He was a member of the college swimming and hockey team. In 1937, he became a member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly for the next eight years. Having joined the Indian Army, he took early retirement, with the rank of Major. An avid polo player with a three goal handicap ranking, he played in the National Polo League, and later owned his own polo team , Was married Rani Bhupinder Kaur, of Tangaur,had issues with one daughter and two sons-
    • Bibiji Sajinder Kaur (Jane), born 1948, was married to Preetinder Singh Dhillon
    • Babar Jung Singh (b1948- d.2012)
    • Amar Jung Singh ,(b.1963),was studied at the prestigious Lawrence School, Sanawar, in Himachal Pradesh, from 1970-1981. Like his father, he too has a passion for sports. He was a member of his school cricket, hockey and football teams. He also became captain of the school athletic. team, and held the record in the long jump. He graduated in BA (Hons.) History, from Hindu College, Delhi University, in 1984. Among his numerous posts; he was a sales executive with Ceat Tyres, and Area Manager for wadi Xerox Lid, based in Gurgram, near Delhi. Presently, he is a certified international coach in shotgun shooting, for the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). He has been selected as Chairman of the Jury, at ISSF Junior World Cup, and manager of the Indian Shotgun Team, since 2011. As a member for the Indian Shooting Team for ISSF, he has served as manager cum coach, at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships in 2018, married to Sardarni Babita Sidhu.
  • Bhai Babar Jung Singh, Head of the Jagiri House of Sidhowal, was married had issue with one son -
    • Uday Jung Singh (b 1992)
  • Bhai Uday Jung Singh (b 1992), Head of the Jagiri House of Sidhowal
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