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The jagirdars of Tung near Amritsar are of an old family of Tung Jats who emigrated from Dehli about the beginning of the eighteenth century and founded the village which bears their name. On the Sikhs rising to power joined the Kamgarhia Confederaoy under Jasa Singh. Sahib Singh received Tung with some adjacent villages from his Chief in jagir, and died in 1804, his only son Fateh Singh having died the preceding year. Fateh Singh’s three sons remained with Jodh Singh, the Ramgarhia Sardar, till in 1816 the Maharaja seized the possessions of the Confederacy, and they were glad to enter the service of the conqueror. Gurmukh Singh and Nadhan Singh each received command of one hundred horsemen, and served under Misar Diwan Chand and, on his death, under Sardar Desa Singh Majithia.

After the capture of Multan in 1818, at which the brothers were present, they received grant of their ancestral village of Tung, valued at Rs. 750, in three equal shares, subject to the service of three horsemen, and their salaries were considerably raised. Gurmukh Singh, who was commandant in the Ramgarhia brigade, served at Multan, Mankera, Tira, Kashmir, and Peshawar. He also fought in the Satlaj Campaign of 1845 46, when his brother Nadban Singh was killed. Under the Darbar he was employed in the Mlanjha as assistant to Gumani Lal and Lal Singh of Talwandi, and afterwards was sent to Sowrian under Diwan Hakim Rai. He died in 1870. The jagirs held by Sarmakh Singh and Jodh Singh lapsed on their death. Sant Singh, son of Nadhan Singh, and Narain Singh are the only living representatives of the family. They are in poor circumstances and no longer rank as Chiefs in the Panjab. Sant Singh is Lambardar of Tung. He is a man of good bearing and pleasing manners, but of no local influence. He has not a seat in Darbar.


  • Sardar Sahib Singh, jagirdar of Tung,d.1804,married and had issue.
  • Sardar Fateh , jagirdar of Tung,d.1808,married and had issue.
    • Sardar Sarmakh Singh, d.1870,married and had issue
      • Sardar Jodh Singh, d. 1865,married and had issue
        • Sardar Ghanaya Singh, d. 1873
    • Sardar Gurmakh Singh, d. 1817,married and had issue
      • Sardar Narain Singh, b. 1839
    • Sardar Nadhan Singh(see below)
  • Sardar Nadhan, head of the house, d. 1848, married and had issue.
  • Sardar Sant Singh,head of the house, b.1843,married and had issue.
  • Sardar Amar Singh, head of the house, b. 1882.
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  • The Punjab chiefs vol 1,L.H Griffin
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