Kiledar of Shergarh





Kiledar of Shergarh

Hindi Name

शेरगढ़ के किलेदार


The Rajoria clan of the Jats of Dholpur traces its origin to a small village Rajaura ncar Rudrakot in the close vicinity of Purushpur or Peshawar of today. On a later date their ancestors relocated to Kotputali in Rajasthan, then to Agra, and finally shifted to Gohad with the Ranas, only to ultimately arrive at Dholpur with Maharaja Rana Kirat Singh in the first decade of the nineteenth century. The ancestors of the Rajoria family were appointed the “Kiledar” or the in-charge of Shergarh Fort, which was the first abode of the Ranas at Dholpur. The family has remained the close confidantes of the ruling family since their Gohad days. The great grand aunt of Capt. Han Singh Rajoria and daughter of Sardar Nand Kishor Rajoria was married in 1828 to the second Rana ruler of Dholpur Maharaja Ram Bhagwant Singhji, thereby cementing close family bond with the royal family. On account of this marital relationship with the royal family the Rajoria family acquired the prestigious title of “Lallu”.

In this line of Kiledars, a special mention needs to be made of Kiledar Nahar Singh. By the end of the nineteenth century the royal family had shifted their residence to City Palace, but the title of Kiledar stuck to the Rajoria family Kiledar Nahar Singh was a short, thick-set man of immense rustic humour, practical wisdom, and quick wit. He was the magistrate and custom officer of the Dholpur state. Even after half a century the stories of his presence of mind, peculiar kind of justice, and administration still lingering the minds of the residents of Dholpur and have become a part of the folklore. It goes to his credit that he was de- facto ruler of the state duing the absence of Maharaja Rana Udaybhan Singhji and a written order to this effect was given by the Maharaja. He took a number of judicial and administrative decisions during such tenures, which were later ratified and applauded by the king himself giving Kiledar Nahar Singh great credibility. The following stories have been told by Shri Rajendra Singh Tomar and they are still in common knowledge of the residents of Dholpur.

His son Capt. Hari Singh (1902-1992) was a well-educated, intelligent, good mannered, and knowledgeable person and as soon as he completed his education, this tall and handsome young man was inducted by Maharaja Rana Udaybhan Singhji among his personal retinue of confidantes, His command over English gave him an edge over others; therefore, he travelled with His Highness on tours off Britan and other European countries. He would always accompany the Maharaja to various conferences and meetings of Indian and British royalty in India. He was not only consulted on the issues of the state but also in personal family matters. He was sent to Nabha by His Highness on his personal behalf to oversee the marriage proposal of Maharajkumari Shri Urmila Devi Sahiba to Maharajkumar Shri Pratap Singh Malvendra Bahadur of Nabha. Even after the death of Maharaja Rana Udaybhan Singhji in 1954, he served the family with diligence and fullest devotion. Hc was instrumental in the adoption process of Ex-Maharaja Rana Hemant Singhji by his maternal grandmother. He negotiated the terms of installation of Maharaja Rana Hemant Singhji as the legal heir of Maharaja Rana Udaybhan Singhji, with Government of India, which was approved in 1956, effective October 1954.

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