Wazir of Balyan Khap





Wazir of Balyan Khap

Hindi Name

बाल्यान खाप के वजीर


  • Ramrameshwar Rana Ram Rao(1305-1306),After his father he became Senapati of army and established his seat of Wazarat(mantri) of khap Baliyan in Shoron. He rebuilt fort of Shorob with huge outer mud walls known as kot and deep diches and was given title of Ramrameshwar with a sword and Tilak by a sabha of sadhus at Haridwar in 1305 he conquered a huge part of land from village Barwala upto Saharanpur.
  • Rana Premrai Rao(1316-1320)
  • Rana Ramrai Rao(1320-1351)
  • Rana Harishchandra Rao(1351-1388)
  • Rana Ranmal Rao(1388-1414)
  • Rana Mulchand Rao(1414-1420)
  • Rana Dhulechand Rao(1420-1451)
  • Rana Devichand Rao(1451-1489)
  • Rana Krishnachand Rao(1489-1517)
  • Rana Ramrai Rao(1526-1530)
  • Choudhary Pacchumal(1556-1605),many farmans were issued by Emperor Akbar on his name.
  • Chaudhary Bhanichand(1605-1627),He received a khillat from Emperor Jhangir.
  • Mir-e-Majlis Rhenuma Choudhary Jadorai(1628-1658),He received titles of Mir e majlis and rhenuma from Emperor Shahjhan.
  • Choudhary Harirai(1658-1707),He was hanged with many other brave people in Delhi for helping Darashikho in battle between Dara and Aurangzeb and his jagir was seized by Emperor Aurangzeb.
  • Choudhary Tekchand(1707-17012)
  • Choudhary Kishanrai(1712-1713)
  • Choudhary Sheolal(1720-1754),He received a farman from Emperor Muhamad Shah for a militia help for crushing revolt in his area and another farman was given on his name for continuing Khap Baliyan Rights of Collecting and deciding the revenue in there own rule.
  • Choudhary Gulab Singh(1754-1759)
  • Choudhary Sairam(1759-1806)
  • Choudhary Surajmal(1806-1837)
  • Choudhary Khushiram(1837-1858)
  • Choudhary Sawant Singh(1858-1899)
  • Choudhary Mulchand(1899-1924)
  • Choudhary Qbool Singh(1924-1991)
  • Choudhary Feru Singh(1991-2003)
  • Choudhary Subhash Baliyan(2003-present)
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