Time Period

17th century to 1777


This family trace there origin to Bijay Singh Ponia who was a PoniaJat freebooter of mausaKaril, tappaJawar, pargana Sadabad. He joined the service of Rao Amar Singh Jat of Khair. Amar Singh was one of the strangest chief of the Doab and a prominent leader of Ram Dal. Amar Singh was intrumental in security Atrauliand nearby parganas for Amar Singh. He also established his base in the centre of the paragana, built a fort there and named the place Bijauli( originally Bijaywali). Bijay Singh was appointment the governor of the parganas adjacent to the Ganga river. Amar Singh was soon ousted from Khair by the Mughals, an attempt to recover Khair by Sobha Singh( son of Amar Singh) was fruitless. After the fall of his patron Bijay Singh strengthened his position at Bijauli and was to withheld the Mughal raids, however only the taluqa of Bijauli was left to him.

Rao Shri Veer Singhji his son emerged as a strong chief. He took control of Atrauli, his claim was recognized by the Mughal EmpeorFarukhsiyar. Veer Singh made an alliance with the RauriaJat who were strong, brave and in number but were ousted from there cheifdom(i.eRarah) by the Mughals. The Rauria and Ponias signed a pact of brotherhood, that from now they shall act as one clan, and till this date no marriage alliance happen between these two clans. The son of Veer Singh, Rao Shri DurjanSinghjiousted the MegdwarRajputs from taluqaNah, he took control of Charrah and Bhikampur from the SherwaniPathans and erected two strong forts there. The Nawab of Datawali was reduced to the position of a vassal. He rose to even more prominence when Hans Kaur his sister was married to Maharaja Shri Surajmalji of Bharatpur. He was soon appointed as the kiledar of Ramgarh(later Aligarh) the strongest fort in the Doab. He gaught the army of Ahmad Shah Abdali during his Siege of Koel. Shahmal his brother perished in the battle. He also participated in 4 Seiges of Delhi, he was followed by his sons Rao Shri Sawant Singh and Kunwar Shri Kushal Singh. There were deprived of Atrauli, CharrahRafatpur, Gangiri, Nah, Dhatawali and Bhikampurby Mirza Najaf Khan in 1777. Bijauli was bestowed upon HimmatGiriGoswaniand the descendants of Rao Durjan Singh were reduced the ranks of zamindars of BijauliKhas.


  • Rao Shri BijaySinghji, ruler of Bijauli, married and had issue.
  • Rao Shri Veer Singhji? , ruler of Atrauli, fauzdar, married and had issue
    • Durjan Singhji(see below)
    • Kunwar Shri Shahmalji, died fighting the forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali.
    • Rani Hanskaur married Maharaja Surajmalji of Bharatpur.
  • Rao Shri Durjan Singhji, ruler of Atrauli, kiledar of Ramgarh, married and had issue.
    • Sawant Singh(see below)
    • Kunwar Shri Kushal Singh ji, was given the taluqa of Charrah, where he built a strong fort.
  • Rao Shri SawantSinghji, ruler of Atrauli, married and had issue(zamindars of Bijaulikhas)
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