Time Period

930 AD- 1103 AD


Kharnal was principality in Marwar. It was founded by the Dhaulya Jata. They were tributaries to there Chahamanas of Shambar. Rao Udayrajji conquered Kharnal from the Khoja tribe and established the Dhaulya Dynasty.


  • Rao Shri Udayarājji, ruler of Kharnal,He was defeated by the Kala clan of Jayal and later occupied Kharnal in 964 AD and made his capital, married and had issue.
  • Rao Shri Narpālji, ruler of Kharnal, married and had issue
  • Rao Shri Kāmrājji , ruler of Kharnal, married and had issue.
  • Rao Shri Vohitrājji, ruler of Khadnal married and left issue
    • Tahardev( see below)
    • Kunwar Shri Askaran, died fighting Baliya Kala of Jayal
  • Rao Shri Thirarājji/Tahardev, ruler of Kharnal, married firstly with Ramkunwari in 1047 AD, daughter of Dulhan Sodhi (Jyani) of Tyod., secondly Rami Devi daughter of Karnoji Phardoda of Koyalapatan (Athyasan) in 1059 AD. Tahardev was killed by Baliya Kala of Jayal and Kaliya Mer of Chang in 1082 AD at Kharnal,he left issue.
    • Kumwar Shri Rupji
    • Kumwar Shri Ranji
    • Kunwar Shri Maheshji
    • Kunwar Shri Gudji
    • Kunwar Shri Nagji
    • Kunwar Shri Tejpalji
    • Kumari Shri Rajal, married Jogaji Sihag, Chief of Tabiji. Left issue.
  • Rao Shri Tejpalji/Tejaji, ruler of Kharnal, married Pemal, daughter of Mehtu Raimal, the Jhajharia clan chieftan of Paner. He died fighting the Mers. He is revered as a folk deity in Rajasthan
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