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1603-18th century (Principality), 18th century-1947 (jagir)


The Sahanpur family is said to have been founded by one Nahra Singh, a Jat(of Kakrana Clan) of Ramraipur, near Jind, Haryana.His son, Basru Singh, left the ancestral home in 1600 and settled at Bahadurgarh in the neighbourhood of Delhi. Tegh Singh or Padarath, the youngest son of Basru Singh, gained the favour of Jahangir (by providing Military support), and obtained in 1603 the grant of 660 villages in the parganas of Jalalabad, Kiratpur and Mandawar, together with the title of Rai, which is to this day held by the family as an hereditary distinction. Proceeding to his jagir, with several members of his family, he founded Nagal in 1604, and two years later built the fort of Sahanpur. Another version of the story is that the Jats migrated hither on the overthrow of the Suris by Humayun, and that Padarath won his estates as a reward. for his services to Jahangir during a hunting expedition in the vicinity of Hardwar.

Padarath died in 1631, and was succeeded by Rai Bhim Chand, the second of his five sons. This man died without issue, and the estates passed to Nathai Singh, the son of his youngest brother. He was followed by his brother, Rai Sabal Singh, who gave his name to the fortress of Sabalgarh, and left three sons; the first two predeceased their father, and the property passed to Rajaram Mahabali. The latter had two sons, of whom Tara Chand succeeded, but on his death in 1753, the principality was taken by his brother, Sabba Chand, instead of devolving on his son Jaswant Singh, who had no children, and was succeeded by Rai Ram Das, the eldest, son of Sabba Chand. During this time Sahanpur rulers possesed 2042 villages. He again left no issue, having been killed in the year of his accession in a fight with the Pathans while defending Sahanpur. The next incumbent was his brother, Rai Basu Chand, who held the throne for eleven years and died in 1796.

His elder son, Khem Chand, was murdered two years later, and the younger, Tapraj Singh, came into possession, holding the Sahanpur when Bijnor was ceded to the British, and retaining it till his death in 1817. Once again the eldest son, Rai Jahan Singh, met with a violent death, being killed in an affray with dacoits in 1828, and the property passed to the youngest brother, Rai Himmat Singh, who continued to hold Sahanpur for 45 years, dying in 1873. The elder son of Himmat Singh was Rai Umrao Singh, who died in 1882, and then the property was taken under the Court of Wards during the incumbency of his brother, Rai Dal Chand. It was released on his death in 1897, and made over to his eldest son, Rai Partab Singh who died in 1902, leaving a minor son, Rai Datt Prasad Singh, otherwise known as Aftab Jang. The property is managed by his uncle, Raja Bharat Singh, the present actual head of the family. It consists of 90 villages in pargana Najibabad, 35 in Kiratpur, 18 in Akbarabad, 20 shares in Mandawar and one in Bashta, with a total revenue demand of Rs. 51,935.

Raja Bharat Singh had three sons, including Kunwarr Charat Singh and Kunwar Giriraj Singh. Raja Charat Singh had a son, Raja Devendra Singh, and a daughter, Pushp Lata Kumari, who married Raja Bhalender Singh of Patiala. Kunwar Giriraj Singh had two sons, Kunwar Shashi Raj Singh and Kunwar Ravi Raj Singh. Raja Devendra Singh had a son, Raja Bhartendra Singh, who is the former MP of Bijnor district.


  • Nahra singh (Founder of the Sahanpur family sahanpur thee state passed to his nephew Died 1631 Ramraipur Bellonged to Rzmraipur [ near Jind State in present day Haryana ])
    • Basru Singh
  • Basru Singh (Left his Ancestal home in 1600 A.D. and settled at bhadurgath near Delhi )
    • Ram Singh
    • Aalam Singh
    • Dharam Singh
    • Tegh Bahadur Singh
  • Tegh Bahadur Singh(also called ‘Padarath Singh’ Died 1631 [ In 1604, PAdArAth Singh moved From BAhAdur gArh And Founded NAngAl, on the bAnks oF the GAnges. In 1606, hec Ap tured “SwArAnpur” (present dAy SAhAnpur) And built A Fort there])
    • Pyare Singh
    • Bhim Singh(Died childess , in a battle alongwith all his brothers .)
    • Bhoj Singh
    • Kshatra Singh
    • Prithvi Singh
    • Deep Singh
    • Khan Singh
    • Parthiv Singh
  • Parthiv Singh
    • Rai Natha Singh (Died chidless along with his brother fateh singh in a battle with the Rohillas (Rajput Muslims))
    • Fateh Singh
    • Rai Sabal Singh
  • Rai Sabal Singh (Founded a fortress at sabalgarh 4 miles from Nangal, Naming it after himself. The Fortress in now in ruins and there is no habitation in the area , only jungles and ravines.)
    • Fateh Chand
    • Jeet Chand
    • Rai Rajaram Mahabali
  • Rai Rajaram Mahabali Died 1691(married with Rani Lakshmi)
    • Rai Tara Chand died 1753
    • Rai Sabha Chand
  • Rai Sabha Chand died 1784(Married with Rani Mohan Kumari)(He expAnded the estAte to 1,787 villAges. In his mother’s memory, hepl Anted A mAngo grove And built A memoriAl chhAtri At `Rani Satti`. Near Sahanpur )
    • Rai Ram Das Died 1785 (Killed while fighting on an attack by the Pathans. led by ghulam mohammed. they occupied shanpur after killing Rai Ram Das. )
    • Manu Singh
    • Nahar Singh
    • Rai Basu Chand
  • Rai Basu Chand Died 1796 (BAsu ChAnd wAs just 5 yeArs old when the PAthAns AttACked SAhAnpur. He wAs smuggled out oF the Fort by A sweeper’s wiFe, who pretended thAt he wAs her child. AFter occupying SAhAnpur, GhulAm MohAmmed ex ecuted BAbA ShyAm Giri, who hAd supported the Hindu rulers oF SAhAnpur. It is A populAr belieF thAt due to the BAbA ’s curse, GhulAm MohAmmed died so on AFterwArds. AFter his deAth, RAni MohAn KumAri reinstAted her son BAsu ChAnd on the SAhAnpur gAddi.)
    • Rai Khem Chand Died 1798(Ruled sahanpur for 2 years from 1796 till his death (of possible murder) on tiger-hunt in mukundwali. His wife commited satti and her memorial is located in the `numgley-wala` jungle (Salban)).
    • Rai Tapraj Singh
  • Rai Tapraj Singh (Married to Rani Gyan Kumari) died 1817 (He was of a very charitable nature and gave away many of the estAte's villAges. He was holding the sahanpur estAtewhen bijnor was ceded to the british and retained it till his death.)
    • Rai Jahan Chand
    • Uttam Chand
  • Rai Jahan Chand died 1828 Rulled Sahanpur from 1817 to 1828. After his father's death, he asked all those who had beguiled his father into giving away the estate's villages to return them. Though some villages we returned, Other villages conspired with pathan Ghulam Mohammed's descendants and attacked sahanpur fort in broad daylight. when rai jahan chand was assaulated in his puja room, he covered his wounds with his babe hands and stood up to face the attackers, who panicked and fled, thinking that he was possessed with some divine power. he later succumbed to his injuries.
  • Rai Himmat Singh Died 1873 (Rani Gyan Kumari, with the blessings of Rai Jahan Chand's wife installed his stepbrother. Himmat singh as the ruller of Sahanpur in 1828.) Married to Shanshyam Kaur
    • Rai Umrao Singh Died 1882 Rulled Sahanpur from 1873 to 1882 After his detah. the estate was managed by the british court of wards on behalf of his brother dhal chand.
    • Rai Dhal Chand
  • Rai Dhal Chand Died 1897 After Rai Umrao Singh deid in 1882, the court of wards managed the estate on behalf of Rai Dhal Chand. (Married to Rani Suraj Kaur dauther of Rao Bhadur Singh of Kuchesar.)
    • Rai Partap Singh
    • Harbans Singh Died Childess.
    • Jagat Singh His dauther Bhagwan Kaur married into the maudinpur family.
    • Rai Bharat Singh.
  • Rai Partap Singh died 1902 Ruled sahanpur from 1897 till his death 1902. married to Rani Raghubans kunwar of kuchesar.
    • Rai Aftab Jung also called `Dat Prasad Singh` Or `Pyare Saheb` Died Childess in june 1919 Ruled sahanpur from 1902 to 1919 Succeeded by his brother Baldev Jung.
    • Rai Baldev jung Died childess in april, 1922 Ruled Sahanpur from 1919 to 1922. Succeeded by his uncle Bharat Singh.
  • Rai Bharat Singh , Rai Of Sahanpur, Married to Rani Daryao Kaur , had issues with 4 Sons and 2 daughter’s.
    • Rajkumari Jwala Devi , Married to Netrapal Singh Of Totagarhi , had issues with one daughter and son
      • Bibaji Sheila Mann
      • Chaudhary Captain Narendra Singh , Pilot of Air India “ Kanishka” that exploded in June 1985 , Married to Sheila Gill , had issue with one son.
        • Chaudhary Anil Singh Hanse
    • Rao Anand Singh , Married to Kishori Devi , Born 1910 – died 1990.
    • Raja Charat Singh , ( Also know as Shamsher Jung) born. 1 Jun. 1902 –13 Nov.1983 married to Rajkuamri Mohini Devi Of Mursan d.2004, later Rani Of Sahanpur.
    • Rajkumar Preyatum Sher Jung Singh ( also know as Majley Saab) born.1908 –died 7 July 1992. Married to Rani Govindi.
    • Rajkumar Giriraj Singh , born 19 November 1914 – 19 April 1999, Married to Rani Pritam Kaur , Sister of Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh , Founder Of D.L.F. , Had issues with 3 sons and 2 daughters.
      • Kunwar Shashiraj Singh , b.15 August 1940 , Married to Rajkumari Chitralekha Singh Of Mursan , later Kunwarrani Of Sahanpur, had issues with three sons.
        • Kunwar Paarthvi raj Singh (b.30 july 2002)
        • Kunwar Shauryavir raj Singh (b.6 july 2005)
      • Kunwar Visheshwarraj Singh , Born 31 May 1973 married to Sanaya , had issues with one son.
        • Kunwar Jahaan raj Singh (b.23 September 2010)
      • Kunwar Rudreshwar raj Singh (b.25 March 1978) , married to Kanika Sarin , had issues with one son.
        • Kunwar Karuna raj Singh (b.25 September 2007)
    • Kumari Minakshi Singh , b.15 September 1946, married to Dr. Sirdar Samarjit Singh Ghuman Of Patiala, had issues with two children’s.
      • Bibaji Shivpriya Ghuman , b.28 April 1973 married to Mr. Alexander O' Neill, had issues with two children’s.
        • Elise M. O'Neill , b.18 August 2006.
        • Liam A , O Neill , b. 23 May 2009.
      • Sirdar Brahmjit Singh Ghuman, b.10 August 1976.
    • Kunwar Ravi raj Singh , b 10 January 1955 , married to Kumari Bharati Singh Of Ghasipura , later Kunwarrani Of Sahanpur had issues with one son.
      • Kunwar Dhruv raj Singh , b.16 july 1979 , married to Ashima Tyagi Of Nehtaur had issues with one daughter and one son.
        • Kumari Divyashi Singh , born 9 November 2009.
        • Kumar Yashraj Singh , Born 27 April 2012.
  • Rao Anand Singh , Had Issues with one daughter.
    • Rajkumari Neetu Kumari, married to Sirdar Sukhjit Singh Ghuman, had issues with one son and daughter.
      • Raghav Singh Ghuman
      • Gauri Ghuman
  • Raja Charat Singh , Had Issues with two daughters and one son.
    • Kumari PushpLata ,
    • Kumari KusumLata
    • Raja Devendra Singh , b.30 April 1933 – 16 March 2012, Married to Rajkumari Anjali Kaur Of Shahzadpur , later Rani Of Sahanpur had issue’s with one son and one daughter.
      • Rajkumar Bharatendra Singh , (later Raja Of Sahanpur) born 14 January 1964.
      • Rajkumari Umeshwari Singh , ( b.20 july 1960 – d.6 may 1998) married to Kunwar Chandra raj Singh Of Pisawa, had issue’s with one son.
        • Kunwar Yaduraj Singh Of Pisawa , b. 3 July 1982, married to Sonali Saraogi, had issues with one daughter.
          • Kumari Shivaya , b. 9 december 2020.
  • Raja Bharatendra Singh, b.14 january 1964 , married to and Bhavna Gupta and Rani Saloni Singh , had issue’s with two daughters and one son from Rani Saloni Singh.
    • Rajkumari Sanika Kumari (b.9 October 1998)
    • Rajkumari Sadhika Kumari (b.12 April 2000)
    • Rajkumar Ranunjeya Singh (b.27 July 2004)
Acknowledgement :-
  • Raja Bharatendra Singhji Of Sahanpur


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