Hindi Name


Time Period

late 18th Century to 1947.


Pahela Zamindari was belongs to Akodiya Jats. He established his Zamindari in the late 18th century. His ancestors had also got a good position in the princely state of Gohad. But later this Zamindari came under the control of Maratha Gwalior princely state. The Gwalior king also used to give great respect to this family. And this family was always invited in any big royal ceremony of Gwalior State. And the most famous personality in this family was Thakur Hira Singh. He donated ₹ 100000 to the All India Congress at the time of independence in 1940. He got many grand temples built during his zamindari. The Gwalior king was very fond of his work and style.  He once offered to give jagirdari to him in Royal Court.  But he respectfully refused to receive that jagir. and he replied that he was happy in his Zamindari. This family is still carrying on its old heritage.



  • Thakur Baldev Singh , Had Issues with Two Sons
    • Thakur Hira Singh , also known as Hira Lal Patel
      • Thakur Raghunath Singh
        • Thakur Tulsiram Patel
          • Thakur Hari Singh
            • Thakur Rakesh Singh
            • Thakur Pushpendra Singh
    • Thakur Kala Singh , also know as Kalaram., had issue with three sons
      • Thakur Govardhan Singh , had issues with two sons
        • Thakur Shambhu Singh
        • Thakur Tejpal Singh
      • Thakur Devi Ram , Had issues with five sons
        • Thakur Bhanwar Singh
        • Thakur Mohan Singh
        • Thakur Shyam Singh
        • Thakur Ghanshyam Singh
        • Thakur Harcharan Singh
      • Thakur Tula Ram, had issues with three sons
        • Thakur Jagdish Singh , had issue with one son
          • Thakur Devlal , had, issue with two sons
            • Thakur Ramnarayan Singh, had issue with one son
              • Thakur Mangi Lal
            • Thakur Totaram, had issue with two sons
              • Thakur Gabbi Singh
              • Thakur Bhagat Singh
        • Thakur Ramjilal
        • Thakur Gopal Singh
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