The ancestor of Bamrolia Jat ruler Maharaja Jagdeo Singh had come from Agra and stayed at Bhind which was ruled by Aniruddh Singh Bhadauria with their capital at Ater. There was war between Bamraulias and Bhadauria rulers at place called Pachaira in which Bhadauria was defeated. This war was fought on bhadosudi 10 Friday vikramsamvat 1794 (1737 AD). 12000 soldiers of Bhadaurias and 7000 soldiers of Jats took part in this war. Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana captured 11 elephants, nishans of nagaras, big canons and kept them at Chitora, Karwas, Gohad etc places in his state. In 1739 AD Peshwa accepted the rights of Rana rulers on Gohad.

The Ranas kept their capital at Pachaira for some time and later shifted the capital to Gohad. The brother of Gohad ruler Maharaja Jagdeo Singh constructed a fort here in samwat 1680 (1623 AD).

After the Pachaira war there was no powerful ruler left on the south of Chambal River who could compete with Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana.

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