Chaudhary Churu was born in a Hindu Jat family.  Different historians have a different opinion as to which family he was born in, Some historians say that he was born in Nain Jat family, while some historians say that he was born in KalorJats.

According to the history of Bikaner state, this city was established on 4 May 1620 AD by a JatChief named Churu, after whom this city was named Churu, there is also a belief that in the beginning, Churu had four basses,  Out of which two basses were known as “Bas Kalera and Bas Kaswan”, which are also found in the permit of the former Bikaner state. When Chaudhari Churu established his princely state here, he built a small fort that had high walls and established his rule there. He had expanded his territory with his bravery, and patience, but after his death, this princely state was not handled by his heirs. Shortly after his death, this princely state was ruled by the RathorBanirotRajputs and during the battle of 1871, this area came under the dominion of the princely state of Bikaner.

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