He was a Baliyan (Raghuvanshi) jat born in village Sisauli in pradhan family of Baliyan Chaurasi. He was pradhan of Khap Baliyan and a big jagirdar.


He called a sarv-khap Sabha in Sisauli in 1817samvat [AD. 1760 under his presidentship. It was called to discuss an appeal for military. Help by the Maratha general Sada Shiv Bhau, to fight against the invasion ofAhmad Shah. Abdali. The Resolutions passed by the panchayat are:-

The appeal for military help should be accepted, because to help the Marathas is to help defend the country.

Every Khap should provide one army contingent.

Two thousand cavalry should be provided.

Chaudhry Sheo Lal of Shoron village to be appointed com- manding general of the sarv-khap armies.

The representatives of the khaps. should take a religious vow to fight to the end and should be prepared to sacrifice their lives for the defence of the country.

An army of 20,000 soldiers was raised, and fought under the leadership of the Marathas in the third battle of Panipat against Abdali. The Marathas were defeated and most of the Sarv-Khap army was routed and killed.

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