Choudhary Desu, was a Jatt of Chahal clan, was a minor chief at Bhikhi, in present-day Bathinda district, when Guru Tegh Bahadur visited that village travelling through the Malwa region in 1672-73. As he came to see him, the Guru asked him why he carried a walking stick in his quiver. Desu replied that although he was a Hindu by birth, he was a follower of Sultan Sakhi Sarwar, and carried the stick as an emblem of that faith. According to Malwa Desh Ratan di Sakhi Pothi, the Guru gaveChoudhary Desu five arrows from his quiver and said that if he kept these with him he should prosper and want nothing. Desu discarded the Sultani stick.Choudhary Desu’s wife broke and burnt the arrows given by the Guru. This, it is said, brought a curse on his house and his son and grandson perished at the hands of his enemies and his direct line came to an end.


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