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The Kingdom of Radaur was founded by Dulha Singh who was member of the Karorasinghia Misl. He joined the service of Bhagel Singh Dhaliwal and occupied the illaka of Damla. He later on conquered Radaur and made it his capital. He died issueless and the state was managed by his widow Rani Anand Kanwar. Rani Anand Kanwar out of the fear that Maharaja Ranjit Singh would annexed her state , signed a treaty with Britishers and Radaur became a British protectorate. He was successed by Rup Singh, her adopted heir and relative. After the death of Rup Singh the state was managed by his widow and after her death the state lapsed.


  • Raja Dullha Singh Sandhu, 1st Ruler of Radaur, he joined the Karorsinghia Misl and soon rose to become one of the chief associates of Sardar Bhagel Singh, conquered Radaur and Damla,he married Anand Kanwar and died without issue.
  • Rani Anand Kanwar, 2nd Ruler of Radaur, adopted Sardar Rup Singh as his son and successor.
  • Raja Rup Singh Sandhu, 3rd Ruler of Radaur, married Rani Ratan? Kaur and died with our issue.
  • Rani Ratan Kaur, 4th Rani of Radaur
  • Raja Rup Singh Sandhu ( see below)
    • Raja Gurbaksh Singh Sandhu , 5th Raja Of Radaur , he married to Rani Inder Kaur.
      • Rani Inder Kaur , 6th and last Rani of Radaur and because they were against the British empire After this the British captured the princely state of Radaur and abolished the princely state.


Raja Dulcha Singh Sandhu Of Radaur

Raja Dulcha Singh Sandhu Of Radaur also Know as Raja Dulcha Singh Sandhu Of Karorasinghia and Dulla Singh Sandhu Of Karorasinghia. He was born into a Sandhu Jat Chief family. When Baghel Singh Dhaliwal Of…

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