Raja Dulcha Singh Sandhu Of Radaur also Know as Raja Dulcha Singh Sandhu Of Karorasinghia and Dulla Singh Sandhu Of Karorasinghia. He was born into a Sandhu Jat Chief family. When Baghel Singh Dhaliwal Of Karorasinghia came towards Ladwa conquering the area of Yamunanagar, his great general Dulcha Singh attacked Radaur area , 7 miles north-east of Ladwa, and Damla.”and defeated the Mughal army and established his princely state here. And he established a large princely state in 1770 of about 150 villages in his vicinity. And when he established his kingdom on such a large area, then he assumed the title of “Raja”. After his death, Rani Anand Kunwar became the queen on the throne of these royal families. And after this his heirs did not compromise with the British and fought many wars against them. And in the end the result was that their princely state was annexed by deceit. He was the last king of this princely state, Raja Gurbaksh Singh, who was the fifth ruler of this princely state and after that the last ruler became Queen Inder Kaur Sandhu.

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