After the death of Dhillon Jat ruler Sardar Gulab Singh Bhangi his ten -year old son, Gurdit Singh, succeeded him. The Misal was on its downward march and the new ruler was in a helpless condition. Gurdit Singh was matried to the daughters of Sahib Singh Bhangi and Fateh Singh Kanaihya.The gun, called yawguwd, had been taken away by Bhatti Jat ruler Sardar Charat Singh Sukercakia from LehnaSingh Bhangi. For some time it remained lying at Ramnagar. When Jhanda Singh Bhangi came back from Multan he removed the gun to his place. Since then the gun remained in the possession of the Bhangis. At this time, Maharaja Ranjit Singh demanded the famous zamgawa gun from Gurdit Singhwhose mother Sukhan flatly refused to part with it as its possession had assured glory and prestige to the Misal.” Mai Sukhan got prepared to fight against Ranjit Singh. Jodh Singh Ramgarhia sent a secret reinforcement to Sukhan to the tune of three hundred soldiers. At the same time he advised her that either she should hand over the gun game gun to the Sukerchakia chief and purchase peace or destroy the gun. Mai Sukhan did not accept either of the suggestions and decided to face Ranjit Singh. The Lahore chief, accompanied by his mother-in-law, Sada Kaur, and Fateh Singh Ahluwalia,marched upon Amritsar and besieged the town.” When the opposing forces were at the point of coming to a severe clash Jodh Singh Ramgarhia and Akali Phula Singh came in between them. MaiSukhan surrendered without much opposition. On the advice of the Ramgarhia chief and the Akali leader the fort and the city of Amritsar were evacuated by Mai Sukhan on 14 Phagun, 1861 BK(February 24, 1805). Mai Sukhan and her son remained under the protection of the Ramgarhiachief for some time. Then, on the recommendation of the Ramgarhia chief Mai Sukhan and her son Gurdit Singh were granted Panjore and five or six villages in jar for their subsistence. The top-i-Bhangian was taken by Ranjit Singh to Lahore and is still lying there.It was manufactured in 1761, by Shah Nazir, a famous mechanic, for Ahmad Shah Abdali. It was composed of brass and copper. Ahmad Shah had left it in the possession of Ubaid Khan, governor of Lahore. In 1762, when Hari Singh Bhangi and the other Sardars plundered the arsenal of the governor of Lahore, they also took away the gun. Ranjit Singh used it in the battles of Daska,Kasur, Sujanpur, Wazirabad and Multan.Gurdit Singh died at his ancestral village of Panjwar in the Tarn Taran paryaa of Amritsar district where his descendants, later, lived as simple peasants. Besides the main House of the Bhangi Misal, there were some Misaldars also who had risen to prominent positions. As mentioned earlier the Sardars of the Misal bestowed a number few villages on their comrades-in-arms who had assisted them in carving out their Misals.These Misaldars, sometimes, by sheer dint of their arms, became as strong in their respective areas as the Sardars of the Misals themselves. The Bhangi Jat Sardars had as their powerful associates in the persons of LehnaSingh, Gujar Singh and Sahib Singh who always stood by them. These men are also known to history as Bhangis.

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