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For History see Singhpuria Misl


  • Sardar Dayal Singh, Jagirdar of Kandaula or Kandhola 1816/1853, he also inherited Bharatgarh after his brothers death in 1847, married and had issue. He died 1863 (or 1853).
    • Sardar Bishan Singh (see Kandhola)
    • Sardar Kishan Singh, married and had issue. He died 1885.
    • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married and had issue.
      • Bibiji (name unknown) Kaur, married the Raja of Faridkot, and had issue.
  • Sardar Kehar Singh, Jagirdar of Bharatgarh 1863/1885, married and had issues with two sons . He died 1885.
    • Sardar Shamsher Singh , married to Sardarni Bhagwan Kaur , Daughter of Sardar Thakur Singh Sandhawalia Raja Sansi and died issueless.
    • Sardar Randhir Singh
  • Sardar Randhir Singh (1863-1920),Jagirdar of Bharatgarh 1885/1920, worked for several years as an Honorary Magistrate and an Honorary Sub-Judge, and enjoyed the rank of a Provincial Darbari. He did noteworthy work in connection with the Great War and was awarded 8 squares of land. The court of Randhir Singh was held in the building right next to the deodhi (main entrance of the Bharatgarh Fort). It is estimated that the building was constructed almost 100 years after the Fort was constructed (in 1783) and was his court house. On the west side of his court house there were 12 prisons for imprisonment of the guilty, was married had issues with Firstly, he was married to (name unknown) daughter of Narainghar Jat Sardar and had issue, one son and one daughter and second with Sardarni Harinder Kaur (1856-1956) daughter of Maurwale Jat Sardar and had issue, two daughters and two sons -
    • Sardar Parduman Singh (died as a child) (S/o Sardarni Unknown Kaur Sahiba )
    • Bibiji Arjan Kaur Sahiba (died 1982) ( Daughter Sardarni Unknown Kaur Sahiba), was married to Kang Jat Jagirdar Sardar Ajmer Singh Kang from Khamano (then Home Minister Of Punjab)
    • Bibiji Balbir Kaur Sahiba , was married to Colonel Sukhdev Singh of Patiala son of Gurmukh Singh, the President of the Regency Council.
    • Sardar Joginder Singh (died1926) was married to (name unknown) daughter of Ladhran Sardar and had issue, two daughters -
      • Bibiji Prem Prakash Kaur Sahiba married to Gajan Singh from Naurangwal, he was the Owner of Matewal forest.
      • Bibiji Kuldeep Kaur Sahiba ( born1922)married to Sardar Mohinder Singh Sidhu of Attariwala.
    • Surat Singh Jagirdar Of Bharatgarh(see below).
    • Bibiji Sushil Kaur Sahiba , was married to Sardar Pritpal Singh Kahlon Of Bhagowalia District Gurdaspur.
  • Sardar Surat Singh (1896-1955), Jagirdar of Bharatgarh was a man of considerable influence in his ilaqa and invariably stood by the administration whenever any subversive movement threatened to disturb the peace of the district. His numerous posts included , being a Vice-Chairman of Ropar Aman Sabha, a member of the District Board, Director of the Central Co-Operative Bank and an active supporter of the Prisoner’s Aid Society. In 1935, he was awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal, becoming a recruiting officer during the Second World War. He was responsible for recruiting a large number of men from Kurali area and was later bestowed with the title of ‘Sardar’ for which a sanad (royal mandate) was issued by the Viceroy of India. He also assisted in the rehabilitation of migrants during partition at Ambala, was married to had issues with to Bibiji Sukhsagar Kaur Sahiba in 1917(died in june 1921 at CMC Hospital Ludhiana) daughter of Diwan Gurdit Singh of Nabha , had issues with two sons and from His second marriage was with Bibiji Hardyal Kaur Sahiba in 1925 (born 1903-1991) daughter of Sardar Niranjan Singh Sekhon from Patiala; he was the Doctor of H.H Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala and had issue, 3 daughters and 1 sons, was died in 1955-
    • Sardar ??? Singh,( S/o Sukhsagar Kaur Sahiba) was died at Nabha House when he was few months old.
    • Sardar Narinder Singh , ( S/o Sukhsagar Kaur Sahiba , 7 Sep,1920-2 Feb,2012)
    • Bibiji Kulwant Kaur Sahiba (1926-1999) married (name unknown) at Anandpur Sahib
    • Bibiji Gupreet Kaur Sahiba (1927-1977) married to Doctor Harbans Singh Bajwa from Amritsar.
    • Bibiji Raminder Kaur Sahiba (1928-2016) married to Professor Kuldip Singh Gill from Ludhiana.
    • Sardar Sudarshan Singh (1932-1996)
  • Sardar Sudarshan Singh (1932-1996) He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture. After Partition he had to pay an exorbitant amount of Death Duty, to which they later contested in the courts. The title of ‘Jagirdar’ was bestowed upon him, and he also drew a Jagir from the Government, which he enjoyed throughout his retirement, till death. He married Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Sahiba (died 2017) in Febuary,1957 daughter of Sardar Harcharan Singh Mann of Manawala, District Sheikhupura, now in Pakistan. She studied at the Sacred Heart Convent School, Amritsar and St Bede’s College, Shimla. had issues with one daughter and one son.
    • Bibiji Ramneek kaur (born1957). She studied at Sacred Heart Convent School, and later from Scared Heart College, Dalhousie, in Himachal Pradesh. She is a post graduate in History and English from Punjab University, Chandigarh. In 1982, she married Niranjan Mohan Singh, son of Harbans Singh, retired Chief Engineer, Government of Punjab.
    • Sardar Deepinder singh Virk , He studied at St George’s College, Mussorrie,and then obtained his masters degree in Arts and Geography from Punjab University, was married to Bibiji Maninder Kaur Sahiba in 1988, had issue, one daughter and one son -
      • Bibiji Bishas Kaur Sahib Married to Sardar Gursagar Singh Of Nakai
      • Sardar Gauhar Singh (B. 1995)
  • Sardar Narinder Singh (7 Sept,1920 – 2 Feb,2012),Jagirdar of Bharatgarh, He Passed Matriculation in 1st Divison from the Govt. High School, Ropar in 1939 and Intermediate in 1941 from Govt. College, Lahore. Got commissioned in British Indian Army in 1942 as 2/Lieutenant Rank, Active service at Burma War Front in 1943 and served upto 1945 in British Indian Army. Joined Pepsu Forces in 1949 as 2/Lieut with 3rd Patiala Sikh Infantry from 30 May 1949 to 10 January 1950 and Combined Training Centre, Patiala from 10 January 1950 to 1 April 1950 at the time of integration of Pepsu Forces with the Indian Army. During this period he was also the member of Unit Hockey Team and played along with Captain Dhyan Chand (famously known as “The Wizard of Hockey”) in 1949. He attended a Food and Catering Course at the I.A.S.C School at Barielli. Joined the Civil Supplies Department Pepsu in Feb 1950 as Supervisor Anti Smuggling and worked as Assitant Procurement and Procurement Officer at various stations upto 1953,when the Departement was disbanded. During this period he attended a Storage Course run by the Ministry of Good Government of India. Joined Punjab Home Guards in 1962 as Company Commander at Kalka upto 1966. Then at Nagal upto October, 1969 till promoted to a Gazetted Rank (equivalent to a S.P. in Police) and posted at Hoshiarpur. In 1971 posted at Fazilka in the Border Battalion/2 i/c served there upto August,1973. During the 1971 Indo Pak War saw active action and experienced actual fighting conditions there in December,1971 and also assisted the Indian Army in their operations for which he received commendation. In August 1973, he was posted to State Headquaters as Staff Officer. In June, 1975 he was posted to Hoshiarpur as District Commander then transferred in May, 1977 to Ludhiana as District Commander and retired as District Commander on 30 September 1979. He married Bibiji Jatinder Kaur (born 1929) in December,1956 daughter of Mann Jat Jagirdar Sardar Swinder Singh Mann Of Moghalchak and Bibiji Satwinder Kaur Sahiba , neice of Lt. Sardar Joginder Singh Mann, Ex-speaker of Punjab Assembly. She passed matriculation in 2nd Division from Govt. Girls High School Sheikhupura (now in Pakistan) and Studied at Fateh Chand College from Lahore, had issue, two sons and one daughter-
    • Sardar Harjot Singh
    • Bibiji Inderpreet Kaur (born1959) she stuided at Govt Senior Secondary School and completed her higher education from Punjab University, married(1985) to Harpreet Singh Sandhu from Sarhalikalan Sardar. He served as a member on the Richmond Citycouncil. He is currently the executive member of the National Democratic Party and was elected as a delegate to President Barack H. Obama election in 2009 and again in 2013. His notable contribution to the sikh community is helping to form the American Sikh Congressional Caucus in Washington DC in 2014.
    • Sardar Ishwarjot Singh (5 July 1964 - 17 Sep 2018) , Was studied at Govt Model Senior Secondary School, Jalandhar and completed his higher education from Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana. He demise at very early age 52. He married Jatinder Kaur(born1972) on 4 June 1993, daughter of Subedar Labh Singh from Ropar . She studied at Govt Senior Secondary School, Ropar, had issue, two daughter and one son -
      • Bibiji Damanjeet Kaur Sahiba ( 21 March 1994) educated from Doon International School, Mohali. She graduated as a dentist in 2018.
      • Bibiji Tapishwar Kaur Sahiba (22 November 1995) educated from Doon International School, Mohali. She did her post-graduation in MBA specialising in Financial Market from Punjabi University, Patiala.
      • Sardar Supreet Singh (28 April 2000) educated from Doon International School,Mohali and completed his graduation in Hotel Management from Chandigarh University.
  • Sardar Harjot Singh (born1957),Jagirdar Of Bharatgarh , He studied at Govt Model Senior Secondary School, Jalandhar and completed his M.A. in English. He was admitted into a Business Management Programme in the USA through a student visa (F-1) completing the requirements for an MBA in Management and Accounting through the Armstrong Business College, Berkeley-USA. He is currently working as operations support in United States Postal Service. He married Bibiji Bhupinder Kaur Sahiba ( in 1989) daughter of Grewal Jat Chief Sardar Gurdev Singh Grewal from Alamgir near Ludhiana. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree with honours in Sociology from Punjab University. She is currently working as a production supervisor with US Postal Service. had issue, two sons -
    • Sardar Jasraj Singh (born 1990) , is working with Google in Phoenix, Arizona, as a part of their testing team studying the viability of introducing driverless cars. He married Bibiji Tania Kaur Sahiba ( in 2021).
    • Sardar Maheep Singh Virk (born 1994) has completed his Bachelor Degree in Neurology.
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