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For early history see Dalal Dynasty

The rulers of Kuchesar were Dalal Jats .In the lineage of Dale Singh(the originator of Dallal clan) was born Bahal Singh in the town of Mandhoti(The Dalal Jat capita)(.He and his three brothers Jagram, Jatmal and Gurva, are credited with founding a principality in Kuchesar. Bahal Singh,Jagram, Jatmal and Gurwa Singh, came and settled down in Kuchesar from Mandothi of Rohtak District. They were enthusiastic. Gurwa Singh occupied Chandausi pargana and his descendants settled down there. Bahal Singh had one son named Maujiram, who had two sons namely Ramsingh and Chhatar Singh. Rao Chhatar Singh was very brave; with the help Mirza Ali Bheg( lord of nearby Chitsauna), obtained both power and a large estate. The sons of Chhatar Singh,Rao Manganiram and Ramdhan Singh helped Maharaja Jawahar Singh, the ruler of Bharatpur State, to avenge the death of his father Maharaja Suraj Mal.When Maharaja Jawahar Singh (r . 1763–1768) made war with the mughal rulers of Delhi, Shah Alam II (r . 1759–1806) latter attacked Kuchesar. The Dalal Jats were defeated; their fort of Kuchesar was captured and razed. Rao Maganiram and Ramdhan Singh were arrested and imprisoned in the fort of Koyal. The two brothers escaped from prison, reached Moradabad and aligned with the Marathas. In 1782, Maganiram and Ramdhan Singh, along with an army, recaptured Kuchesar from the Mughals. Rao Maganiram died after this victory. His brother Ramdhan Singh was chosen as his successor.

By 1790, Rao Ramdhan Singh had recaptured all of Kuchesar estate; he had also acquired Pooth, Siana, Thana Farida, Datyane and Saidpur on Rs 40,000 annual Malguzari lease from the ruler of Delhi Shah Alam II.After 1782, Kuchesar mud-fort remained in unbroken possession of the family; it was granted to them in perpetual lease by the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II in 1790, a grant confirmed by the British in 1807.The British formalised their authority over the area in 1803; they recognised the estate of Kuchesar and its estate-holders without alteration to the status quo. Kuchesar State, which was obtained by Rao Randhan Singh Dalal as perpetual jagir from Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II (ruled 1759–1806) for an annual payment of Rs. 40,000, was later confirmed to him by British. Randhan Singh died in prison in Meerut in 1816, and his jagir was granted revenue-free by in perpetuity to his son Rao Fateh Singh by the British Raj Lord Moira in 1816.Rao Fateh Singh died in 1839 and his son Rao Bahadur Singh added to his estate. He wanted to leave his estate equally to his two sons, Gulab Singh and Umrao Singh, but Gulab Singh resented it and Umarao Singh was found murdered in his house in 1847.

Gulab Singh inherited the estate for his services to British during Indian Rebellion of 1857. He had no sons, after he died in 1859 the estate was managed by his widow Rani Jaswant Kumari pending a settlement. Jaswant Kumari died quite soon afterwards, and was followed in these offices by Gulab Singh’s only daughter, Bhup Kumari. Bhup Kumari died without a child in 1861 and her husband Kushal Singh laid claim to the estate. Kushal Singh was a nephew and adopted son of Raja Nahar Singh of Ballabhgarh State.After Nahar’s property was ceased by British and his estate was abolished for his participation in 1857 war of independence, a political pension of Rs. 6,000 a year was settled upon, Nahar’s heir-apparent adopted son and nephew, Kushal Singh. Kushal left Ballabhgarh for good and sought shelter with his wife’s people at Kuchesar. In 1868, the Panchyat court divided the estate into three parts:

  • share of 6/16 to Umrao Singh, he later gave his daughter to Kushal Singh
  • share of 5/16’s(Sahanpur jagir) to Pratap Singh,
  • remaining share of 5/16 to Khusal Singh.

Umrao Singh married one of his daughters to Kushal Singh, who bore him a son Giriraj Singh. In 1898, Umrao Singh died and his grandson and Kushal Singh’s son, Rao Giriraj Singh, inherited the portion held by him as well as the portion held by Kushal Singh. Pratap Singh was given the jagir of Sahanpur(Bulandshahr). Both Kuchesar and Sahanpur family held the title of ‘Rao’ till independence.


  • Chaudhary Shri Bhual Singh of the lineage of Dalle, founder of the Dalal clan, with his brothers Jagram, Jatmal and Gurva, was credited with founding a principality in Kuchesar, he married and had issue.
    • Manjhi Ram (qv)
  • Chaudhary Shri Manjhi Ram, married and had issue.
    • Rao Singh
    • Chhatar Singh, later Rao Chhatar Singh (qv)
  • Rao CHHATAR SINGH, 1st Rao of Kuchesar, he served under Mirza Ali Beg, the Muslim lord of nearby Chitsauna, obtaining both power and a large estate; he was appointed to the office of Chormaar - destroyer of thieves by Nawab Najib-ud-daulah who conferred on them the jagir of Kuchesar with the title of Rao; married and had issue, two sons. He lived around 1750.
    • Rao Magni Ram (qv)
    • Rao Ramdhan Singh (qv)
  • Rao MAGNI RAM, 2nd Rao of Kuchesar -/1786, with his brother, they were attacked by the governor of Aligarh, who captured and imprisoned them in Aligarh Fort; they escaped, raised an army of Jats and Marathas and recaptured Kuchesar Fort in 1782, he was granted the title of Rao by Najib-ud-daulah; married twice and had issue, seven sons, three by first wife and four by second wife. He died soon after 1782 (about 1786 ).
    • Rai Sukh Singh
    • Rai Rati Daulat Singh, fled Kuchesar to Indranagar for fear of his uncle, who had murdered two of his brothers; the Maratha Governor of Meerut, granted him some villages in Meerut, and he made his residence in Mohiuddinpur.
    • Rai Bishan Singh
    • Kunwar (name unknown), married and had issue.
      • Rao Pratap Singh, 1st Rao of Bhadsana 1868/-, he received a 5 annas share in the Kuchesar estate, called Bhadsana; married and had issue.
        • Rao Maharaj Singh, 2nd and last Rao of Bhadsana, married and had issue, two daughters. After his death without male issue, this share was inherited by Rao Umrao Singh of Kuchesar (see below)
  • Rao RAMDHAN SINGH, 3rd Rao of Kuchesar -/1816, he placed great pressure on his brother's widow and by 1790, he had recaptured all of Kuchesar estate and had also acquired Pooth, Siana, Thana Farida, Datyane and Saidpur on Malguzari lease from the rulers of Delhi; the title of Rao was recognized by the British in 1803; the Kuchesar Fort was granted to him in perpetual lease by the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam in 1790, a grant confirmed by the British in 1807; he refused to pay tribute to the British and was captured and exiled to Meerut where he died; married (amongst others), a widow of his older brother, and had issue. He died 1816 in Meerut Jail.
    • Rao Fateh Singh (qv)
  • Rao FATEH SINGH, 4th Rao of Kuchesar 1816/1839, married and had issue. He died 1839.
    • Rao Bahadur Singh (qv)
  • Rao BAHADUR SINGH, 5th Rao of Kuchesar 1839/1847, he enlarged the estate by purchasing a further 26 villages; he married twice and had issue. He was murdered in 1847.
    • Kunwar Lakshman Singh (by 1st wife), died vpsp.
    • Rao Ghulab Singh (by 1st wife) (qv)
    • Rao Umrao Singh (by 2nd wife) (qv)
    • Rajkumari (name unknown) Kumari, married Rai Dal Chand,Zamindar of Sahanpur, and had issue.
  • Rao GHULAB SINGH, 6th Rao of Kuchesar 1847/1859, he aided the British during the uprising of 1857, for which he was granted a number of villages and the title of Raja Bahadur as a personal distinction; the estate was managed by Rani Jaswant Kumari pending a settlement; he married Rani Jaswant Kumari, died 1860, and had issue. He died spm in 1859.
    • Rani Bhup Kumari (qv)
    • ?Rajkumari Raghubans Kunwar, married Rai Pratap Singh, Zamindar of Sahanpur, and had issue.
  • Rani Jaswant Kumari, 7th Rani of Kuchesar 1859/1860, she died 1860.
  • Rani Bhup Kumari, 8th Rani of Kuchesar 1860/1861, married Rao Khushal Singh from Ballabgarh, who laid claim to the estates of his wife but this was disputed by other claimants, until finally in 1868, the Panchayat court divided the estate into three parts (see below). She died sp in 1861.
  • Rao UMRAO SINGH, 9th Rao of Kuchesar 1861/1898 and 2nd Rao of Badsana, born in April 1835, he inherited the share of Rao Pratap Singh, giving him an 11 annas share in the estate; married twice and had issue, three sons by first wife and two sons by second wife. He died 3rd June 1898.
    • Rao Bahadur Giriraj Singh (by 1st wife) (qv)
    • Rai Digvijay Singh (by 1st wife), joint holder of 22 shares in the estate; married and had issue.
      • Rai Jagjeet Singh
      • Kunwar Ranjeet Singh, born 13th May 1906 in Kuchesar, married Kunwarani Risaal Kunwar, born 15th April 1911 in Moradabad, died 9th July 1971 in Kuchesar, daughter of Raja Laltoo Singh, and his wife, Rani Shiv Devi, and had issue. He died 1940 in Kuchesar.
        • Rai Amarjeet Singh, born in April 1925 in Moradabad, married and had issue. He died 2nd November 1985 in Ghaziabad.
          • Kunwar Manjeet Singh, born 31st January 1949 in Kuchesar, married and had issue, three chuildren. He died 31st January 1981 in New Delhi.
          • [Kumari Rita Kaur, married a grandson of Rao Raja Raghuraj Singh of Bharatpur, born 1887 in Bharatpur.]
          • Kumari Neeta Kaur, born 5th June 1958 in Kuchesar. She died in June 1998 in Kuchesar.
        • Kumari (name unknown) Kaur, married Kunwar Dalbir Singh, born 1931, died in May 1997, and has issue.
        • Kumari Jaipal Kaur, born in September 1929 in Moradabad, married and had issue. She died 22nd December 1975 in Moradabad.
      • Kanwar Sarjit Singh, born 1914 in Kuchesar, married Rajkumari Ajmer Kaur, daughter of Raja Harchand Singh, Rais-i-Azam of Bhadaur 1924/1934, and his 1st wife, Rani Bakhtawar Kaur, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 1982.
        • Kanwar Digjit Singh, born December 1936 present, married Berinder Kaur Bajwa 1977, and had issue, one son and daughter.
          • Shri Arjun Singh, born 1978, married Mallika Kapur, and has issue, two daughter.
            • Neena Singh
            • Saavi Singh
          • Bindi Singh, born 1980.
        • Kanwar Ajit Singh, born 1944, married Kanwarani Nirlep Kaur, and has issue, two sons.
          • Anantjit Singh
          • Anaikjit Singh
        • Kanwarani Rosie Singh, born 1948, married Shri Kittu Khanna of Wah, and has issue, one son.
          • Shri Aman Raja Khanna
    • Bibiji Gajinder Kaur, married Sardar Brijinder Singh Phoolka of Pakhoke, and had issue (see Malaudh)
  • Rai Tejpal Singh (by 2nd wife), his share was partitioned out in March 1904; married and had issue. He died 1912.
    • Rai Rajendra Pal Singh
    • Rai Jagdish Pal Singh
    • Rani Indra Kumari Devi, married Raja Birendra Singh of Patiala, and had issue.
  • Rai Hariraj Singh (by 2nd wife), joint holder of 22 shares in the estate;married and had issue.
    • Rai Mahendra Jit Singh
  • Kumari Raghubir Kaur [Rani Raghubir Kaur of Sahanpur], she inherited her husbands 6 annas share in Sahanpur, where she made her residence and adopted her sister's son; married Rao Khushal Singh (see above). She died sp.
  • Kumari (name unknown), married Sardar Narinder Singh of Rajasansi, Lahore, and had issue.
  • Kumari (name unknown), married a Sinsinwar Jat of Bharatpur, and had issue.
    • Rao Brijrajsharan Singh, married and had issue
      • Rao Chandra Brajsharan Singh, he succeeded to Sahanpur.
  • Rao Bahadur Rao GIRIRAJ SINGH, 10th Rao of Kuchesar 1898/1943, born 20th September 1877 , he succeeded to the gadi on 3rd June 1898 ; he became a devoted Sikh, and his descendants have followed Sikhism to this day; he was granted the title of Rao Bahadur on 3rd June 1918; married a sister of Chaudhri Balbir Singh AND/OR married Rani Rajbans Kaur of Bhadaur, and had issue. He died 1943.
    • Rai Inderjeet Singh (qv)
    • generation (same as above?)
      • Rao Gurdyal Singh
  • Rao INDARJIT SINGH, 11th Rao of Kuchesar 1943/-, born 15th October 1894 , married and had issue.
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