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The Sardars of Manauli used to be regarded as the titular head of the Singhpuria houses, which held large jagirs, aggregating Rs. 80,000 in the Kharar and Rupar Tahsils. The remaining branches held separate estate known as Bhareli, Bunga, Ghanauli, Bharatgarh and Kandhola; but as, with the exception of the Bhareli Sardar, all are descendants of Budh Singh, the possessor of 1809, they have common rights of succession in favour of the survivors on failure of heirs to any separate Sardar. From 1809 to 1847 the family ranked as independent protected chiefs, losing their status in the latter year and being reduced to the position of ordinary perpetuity jagirdars under the general proclamation issued on the close of the first Sikh War. The Bunga line became extinct in 1890, one-half of the jagir going to the Ghanauli sardars, one-third to Kandaula, and one-sixth to the Bharatgarh branch.

Sardar Autar Singh of Manauli died in 1896, and his son, Raghbir Singh, succeeded him, in 1904. Sardar Autar Singh’s widow brought forward a boy, named Umrao Singh, alleging him to be a posthumous son of the Sardar, but Government refused to recognise him and orders were given for the Manauli jagir to be parcelled out amongst the Sardars of Ghanauli, Bharatgarh and Kandaula. The Sardarni instituted a civil suit which was decided against her by the District Judge of Ambala early in 1908. She has appealed to the Chief Court. Sardar Harbans Singh of Kandaula died in 1902 and was succeeded by her son Bhagwan Singh.


  • Sardar Gopal Singh, Jagirdar of Manauli 1816/1854, married and had issue, the Sardars of Manauli. He died 1854
    • Bibiji Satinder Kaur, married Sardar Kirpal Singh Khundawala (see Randhawah), born 1850. She died sp.
    • Sardar Jai Singh, Jagirdar of Manauli 1854/1877, married and had issue. He died 1877.
      • Sardar Autar Singh, Jagirdar of Manauli 1877/1896, married and had issue. He died 1896.
        • Sardar Raghbir Singh, Jagirdar of Manauli 1896/1904, he died 1904.
        • Sardar Umrao Singh, Jagirdar of Manauli 1904/- ; born 1896, he succeeded to the estate in 1904 under the management of the Court of Wards till 1921; though his income from all sources was Rs 90,000, he was recklessly extravagant and in 1928, management of the estate was again brought under the Court of Wards; married and had issue, one son and one daughter.
          • Bibiji Satinder Kaur, married 25th January 1939 (as his 1st wife), HH Maharaja Rajbir Singh, 8th Maharaja of Jind, and had issue.
          • Sardar Sita Inder Singh, Jagirdar of Manauli, born 1922, educated at Aitchison College, Lahore.
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