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  • Sardar Bur Singh, Founder Of Marake, was married had issue with one son :-
    • Jassa Singh
  • Sardar Jassa Singh, Jagirdar Of Marake, was married had issue with one son :-
    • Nidhan Singh
  • Sardar Nidhan Singh, Jagirdar Of Marake, was owned many "Parganas" in the district of Sialkot with his seat at Daska. He was an enterprising and fearless solider, who had met the afagan ruler Shah Zaman, on the bank's of the river Chenab in 1799, He was in constant hostilities with other powerful Jatchiefs such as Sardar Mahan Singh Of Sukerchakia, Jodh Singh Of Wazirabad and Sahib Singh Of Gujrat.was married had issues with three sons, he was died at Marake in 1850 :-
    • Gurbaksh Singh (d.1853)
    • Fateh Singh
    • Jodh Singh(d.1855), was married had issue with one son :-
      • Sardul Singh (d.1809)
  • Sardar Bahadur Sardar Fateh Singh, Jagirdar Of Marake, was born in 1804, served in his father's contingent, with the cavalry unit of the Ghorchurras, until 1829. Thereafter, he accompanied Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore to Peshawar and under Sardar Arjun Singh of Ranger Nangal, he was dispatched to Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) during the uprising by the local hill chiefs in the mountainous state, during the reign of Maharaja Kharak Singh. He also served briefly in Kashmir during the insurrection, and later served under SardarGulab Singh of Pahuwind during the Ist Anglo Sikh War of 1845. Fateh Singh served loyally his new English masters, in the newly formed Suraj Mukhi Regiment as Commandant and accompanied Lieutenant Herbert Edwardes to Bannu (Pakistan) in 1847. The following year, the Multan rebellion flared up and he was engaged with his corps at the battles of Kineri and Sadusan (both villages are near Shujabad, now in Pakistan) rendering excellent conduct with his men at Multan, for which he was profoundly praised by Lieutenant Edwardes. In 1857, he commandeered a Police Battalion at Ambala (Haryana) serving there and later at Delhi,successfully.Five years later, he was discharged from military duties and received a pension of Rs 300, along with a Jagir and six hundred acres of land at Lakhowal, situated few kilometres east of Marake.was married had issues with two sons, He died in 1875 :-
    • Gurmukh Singh (b.1839)
    • Gurdit Singh (b.1834-d.1901)
  • Sardar Gurdit Singh, Jagirdar Of Marake, was born in 1834, was married had issues with three sons, He died in 1901:-
    • Sher Singh (b.1862)
    • Partap Singh
    • Harkishan Singh
  • Sardar Sahib Sardar Harkishan Singh, Jagirdar Of Marake, was born in 1878, he served as an Inspector in the Police Force in Bengal. In 1915, he was deputed,to investigate the Mutiny in the 23rd Cavalry of the Bengal Regiment, which ended in 17 men of the regiment ordered to be hanged, and five others sentenced to life imprisonment. Harkishan Singh was highly praised for his conduct in handling the inquiry with sheer professionalism and ability by his superior officers in Calcutta. He was also involved in the investigation into the Budge Budge Riot of 1914, was granted the title of 'Sardar Sahib' by His Excellency the Viceroy and Governor-General of India, for his excellent service in the Indian Army and Police Force in 1917. He was also commended for his investigation in the infamous Lahore Conspiracy case of 1915. Later, he rendered valuable service during the royal tour of India, by His Highness, the Duke of Connaught, Arthur William Patrick Albert (1850-1942) in 1921. He had retired as Deputy Superintendant of Police at Lahore, was married to Sardarni Thakur Kaur , was married had issues with three sons :-
    • Sohan Singh
    • Jaswant Singh
    • Raghbir Singh
  • Sardar Raghbir Singh, Jagirdar Of Marake, was born in 1902, was a Civil Servant, and retired as Secretary of Health for Pepsu, until the new states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were carved out of Punjab in 1966. He passed away in 1993 of a heart attack. He had separated from his first wife (name unknown), she belonged to the royal family of Patiala. From this brief union, a daughter Nirmal Kaur was born, who was brought up by Raghbir Singh. He later remarried Sardarni Mohinder Kaur of Gurdaspur, Punjab, had issues with two sons and two daughters :-
    • Bibiji Nirmal Kaur, was married to Brigadier Pritpal Singh Warrich Of Ruriala
    • Mohan Inder Singh (b.1930)
    • Bibiji Jasinder Kaur
    • Jitinder Singh, (d.1991), was married had issues :-
      • Bibiji Jasrayman Kaur
      • Iqbal Singh
      • Bibiji Dimpy Kaur
  • Air Commodore Sardar Mohan Inder Singh , Jagirdar Of Marake, was born in 1930, During his military career, he was dispatched to Egypt in north Africa, to train Egyptian Air Force pilots during President Anwar Sadat's rule, in the late 1970's. On hisreturn to India, he continued to fly transport aircrafts and underwent numerous sorties during the Chinese aggression of 1962. He went on to become one of the youngest officers to command the VIP squadron of his unit, in which he Rew numerous WIPS'S, like the Indian PM, President and other important later visiting dignitaries. He was appointed Defence Attaché to USA for a duration of three years. On retirement, in 1982, he settled down in Ludhiana and from traversing the skies, began taking care of his farm, which at his ripe old age continues to do so with such dedication and enthusiasm.He also dabbled in photography and was a keen videographer. He married SardarniRupinder Kaur, the daughter of SardarNarinder Singh, Sandhanwalia Of RajaSansi , had issues with one daughter and son:-
    • Bibiji Sanjeev Kaur , was born in 1958, was married to Sardar Harmohinderjit Singh Pannu
    • Inder Pratap Singh Sandhu (b.1963), lives in San Jose , California and works in the information technology industry.


Sardar Sahib Sardar Harkishan Singh of Marake

Sardar Sahib Sardar Harkishan Singh of Marake , was born in 1878 into a Sandhu Jat family, he was the youngest son of Sardar Gurdit Singh of Marake, In his early career, he served as…

Sardar Gurdit Singh of Marake

Sardar Gurdit Singh of Marake, was born in 1834 was the youngest son of Sandhu Jat Jagirdar Sardar Fateh Singh of Marake In 1852, His father had written to Sir John Lawrence recommending both his…

Sardar Bahadur Sardar Fateh Singh of Marake

Sardar Bahadur’ Sardar Fateh Singh of Marake, was born in 1804, into a Sandhu Jat family, he was the second son of Sardar Nidhan Singh of Marake. He served in his father’s contingent, with the…

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