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Buta Singh was earlier the military advisor to Rajmata Mai Aas Kaur and guardian to minor Maharaja Karam Singh, the association having begun Raja Ala Singh Of Patiala. Then his son Sirdar Didar Singh was Serve in Patiala Kingdom. Didar singh along with his brothers  Mahan Singh and  Kandhaara Singh were the trusted heads of cavalry, armoury and infantry. General Daya Singh was a much decorated, ‘KHILAT-I-FAKHR’ recipient, commander-in-chief of Patiala army, who also headed the ‘NIABAT-BAKSHI- KHANA’ ( law and justice department ) and was appointed ‘Sardar Sahib Deohriwala’ (Home minister) as well. He commanded Patiala forces during 1857 and also during action in the Afghan wars of 1877-78-79. Was awarded medals for bravery. Raja General Gurdit Singh or RAJA GENERAL GURDIT SINGH (AITMAD-UD-DAULA, VIQUAR-UL-MULK, NAMAK HALAL, KHAIR-KHUWAH-I-RYASAT, WAZIR-I-ALAM. PATIALA)was commander in chief of the Patiala forces and led the patiala forces during the great TIRAH WAR 1898 under Lord Simon and was awarded distinction and medals. Remained Prime Minister Patiala state for several years and on retirement was appointed guardian to Maharaja Bhupinder Singh and was given the above title for exceptional loyalty towards the state. He was a renowned horse polo player of his day. He trained and captained the first and the only Patiala horse polo team which had the distinction of defeating the famous All India Champion Team of Jaipur and Jodhpur in a five match series. He was the winner of the famous All India Open hog hunting (pig sticking) QADIR CUP held at Meerut in 1895 and hence becoming only the second Indian to ever win that cup. The trophy to this day is at The army club in Mayfair London. Enjoying a handsome income from his estate of 32,000 acres of land, his philanthropic activities saw setting up of Maharaja Bhupindra Singh Of Patiala Bank in 1913 with a personal contribution of 3.5 lacs for the poor and needy farmers offering loans at nominal or zero interest. Donated 12,000 quintals of wheat and Rs. 50,000 in cash for injured Indian soldiers in World War 1 and advanced Rs. 30,000 as war loan to Patiala State.


  • Sardar Buta Singh
    • Sardar Mohan Singh
      • Sardar Daya Singh
        • General Raja Gurdit Singh
          • (1st wife)(daughter married Sardar Shivdev Singh of Nabha)
          • (2nd Wife)
            • Sardar Gurdial Singh
            • Sardar Hardial Singh
            • Raja Shivdayal Singh
            • Rajkumar Hazara Singh (1900-1974) m. Ratnagar Kaur
              • Dr. Jogeshpreet Singh Ghuman (b1944)
                • Sardar Harmanpreet Singh (b1968)
                  • Sardar Ameek Singh (b1996)
                  • Bibaji Tarzeen Kaur
                • Sardar Prabhsharan Singh (b1970)
                  • Sardar Aneel Singh (b2008)
                  • Sardar Amaan Singh
              • Bibaji Janamjit Kaur
            • Daughter
          • (3rd Wife)
            • Sardar Devindra Singh
              • Col. Sardar Surat Singh
              • Bibaji Kirat Kaur
              • Bibaji Jeet Kaur
            • Sardar Thakra Singh (1912-1978)
              • Sardar Paramjit Singh (1945-1977)
                • Sardar Yudvir Singh Ghuman (b1978)
                  • Bibaji Hashmat Kaur (b2004)
                  • Bibaji Dayanat Kaur (b2009)
            • Rajkumar Baghel Singh
              • Sardar Bhupal Singh
                • Bibiji Parinoor Kaur Ghuman
                • Bibiji Nilofer Kaur Ghuman
                • Sardar Vikramdit Singh Ghuman
              • Bibaji Manjit Kaur
              • Bibaji Balwinder Kaur
            • Sardar Nanak Singh
              • Sardar Sangram Singh
              • Sardar Nanak Singh
              • Bibaji Gurparveen Kaur
              • Sardar Bikram Singh
            • Sardar Rupinder Singh
        • Sardar Hardit Singh
    • Sardar Didar Singh
    • Sardar Kandhara Singh
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