Jiwan Singh Of Buria,was born to Mannan Jat family he was son of Raja Sher Singh Of Buria He was an Honorary Magistrate, Honorury Civil Judge and Sub-Registrar within the limits of his state. He was one of the most enlightened of the Jatsikh chief of the Ambala district.

He was a Provincial Darbari and was honoured in 1887 by being made the recipient of the Order of the Indian Empire in recognition of his public services. His  and muafs yielded an income of Rs. 47,700, and his rents from proprietary holdings amounted to Rs. 8,300 per annum. The Sardar was connected by marriage with the ruling family of Patiala, his sister having married Maharaja Narendra Singh.Sardar Jiwan Singh died in 1898 and was succeeded by his grand-son,Raja Lachhman Singh.

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