Baba Kushal Singh was a Hindu Jat Of Dahiya Clan born in village Budh khalsa. He is remembered today for his great sacrifice for the Guru Tegh Bahadur, when Aurangzeb forced Guru Tegh Bahadur and his disciplines to accept Islam, they all denied to accept Islam so, Three of Guru’s disciples – Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das, and Bhai Dayala were tortured and executed in front of the Guru. When this failed, the Guru was beheaded in public to terrorize the Indians. To further humiliate the Indian conscious, the empirical order was announced that no one was allowed to pick up the remains of Guru’s body as it lay in open display of religious bigotry. That night, a blinding sandstorm (Kali Andhi) struck Delhi. The Mughal soldiers on guard lost their bearings and a man called Jaita took them by surprise. He picked up the head of the guru and fled into the night. Simultaneously, Lakhi Shah, a contractor of the Mughal Court, came with a bullock cart and carried away the body, under the cover of darkness. They drove past the Red Fort arriving at their home in Raisina Hill. The house were set on fire to offer an honorable cremation. Today, the site of the house which was set on fire is marked by Gurdwara Rakabganj located opposite the Indian parliament. Bhai Jaita wrapped the Guru’s severed head in a cloth and ran towards Anadpur Sahib in Punjab hills. On his long journey, he took rest in the Rai Garhi village in Sonipat. He was being pursued by the Mughal soldiers who soon reached village looking for him. Kushal Singh Dahiya, an elder of this village assessed the situation and offered his head to fool the Mughals as his face bore resemblance to the Guru, He ordered his son to sever his head and give it to the Mughal soldiers of Aurangzeb, who wanted to retrieve the head of the guru being taken to Anandpur Sahib.

Bhai Jaita managed to escape with the help of the villagers and reached Anandpur Sahib and the Mughal soldiers mistakenly took the severed head of Kushal Singh Dahiya back to Delhi. Upon reaching Delhi, the Mughals.

The village was later destroyed by the Mughals in retribution for this act of deceit. Several people were killed while others fled and years later, some families came back and the village’s name was changed from Rai Garhi to Budh Khalsa.

A memorial was built in the village Budh khalsa in memory of great sacrifice of Bhai Kushal Singh ji.

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