Chural Kalan





Chural Kalan

Hindi Name

चुराल कलां

Time Period

17th century to 1947




The earliest most prominent Jaijee Sardars, were sardar Ladha Singhand Sardar Ramditta Singh, who had assisted Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala, in establishing the Patiala State.. By caste the Jaijee’sare Shergill Jats from the Majitha region of Punjab, who refused to pay the Jazia (a tax on non-Muslims) to the Mughal a Government. Thereby, the local inhabitants of the area, referred to them as Jaijee (non-payer Jazia). The family later became so influential, that the debilitated Mughal Government permitted the family to refrain from paying the Jazia.


  • Choudhary Ladha Singh Jaijee, Founder Of Chural Kalan Estate, he particated in many battles alone with his Sardar Ramditta Singh and partook in Amrit (baptism) alongside Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala, at the hands of Nawab Kapur Singh, in village Thikriwala, Barnala. Sardar Ladha Singh led his men and killed a Mughal General Assadullla Khan in battle, a sworn enemy of Sikhs and particularly of Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala. For this deed, Baba Ala Singh exchanged turbans with Sardar Ladha Singh, making them 'Pagg Vatt' brothers.Later on, he was alone with his son, who in league with Semeke & Kaleka Sardars, engineered the escape of Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala from the fort of Sunam, where he was imprisoned treacherously by the Mughals. The father son duo went on to militarily assist Maharaja Ala Singh Of Patiala in establishing his sovereignty of Patiala, was married had issue with one son :-
    • Ramditta Singh
  • Sardar Ramditta Singh, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, He was one of the most prominent jagirdars of his region at that time. He actively participated in the war with his father & got victory. He was martyred in the battle of Sialba, for Patiala,was married had issue with one son :-
    • Harsewak Singh
  • Sardar Harsewak Singh, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, he was in the time of Maharaja Amar Singh, fought many battles for Patiala, was married had issues with four sons :-
    • Mohar Singh
    • Chain Singh
    • Dhian Singh
    • Hari Singh (died issueless)
  • Sardar Mohar Singh, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, was married had issue with one son :-
    • Bakshi Bir Singh
  • Bakshi Sardar Bir Singh, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, Was served as Commander-in-Chief of the Patiala Army. It was during the second year of the reign of Maharaja Karam Singh, that a Patiala force under the command of Bakshi (General) Bir Singh Jaijee accompanied the political agent Colonel Ochterlony to confront General Amar Singh Thapa, the Gurkha Commander, who was moving west from Nepal capturing the entire hill belt of Kumaon, Gharwal and the Punjab Hills. The Patiala force was in-charge of protecting the British supply lines. The battle took place at Malaun in Hindoor (Nalagarh) state on the 15th of April, 1815. General Amar Singh Thapa was defeated. Maharaja Karam Singh in compensation was given hill territory (16 parganas) in perpetuity, touching river Giri in the east, and from Kalka in the south to Fagu in the north. This contributed a great deal to the expansion and consolidation of the Patiala State. For his service, Bakshi Bir Singh was awarded a number of villages in the newly acquired hill territory. He went on to serve Patiala State as Foreign Minister, Judicial Magistrate and Home Minister. He established the villages of Dhirpur, Gobindgarh Jejian, Bishanpura and Dharamgarh, was married had issues with seven sons :-
    • Misra Singh
    • Kehar Singh
    • Dharam Singh
    • Mukand Singh
    • Kahan Singh
    • Man Singh (died issueless)
    • Mohan Singh (died issueless)
  • Sardar Kehar Singh, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, Was served as Judicial Magistrate of Patiala State during the reign of Maharaja Narinder Singh. He established the village of Kehargarh and two villages in the hills, was married had issues with three son's :-
    • Mavla Singh
    • Gyan Singh, was served in the Foreign Service of the Government of India and was Deputy High Commissioner in London. He was the key figure in securing Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji's Shastar & other sacred relics from the British Government and returned the same to Punjab.
    • Gulab Singh
  • Sardar Gulab Singh, Jagirdar Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, was served as a Sub Divisional Officer in the Irrigation Department and later as Excise Commissioner of Patiala State. He died young. was married had issue with one son :-
    • Harchand Singh Jaijee
  • Sardar Harchand Singh Jaijee, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, was married twice, his first wife was the daughter of Sardar Hardit Singh Sibia of Mehlan, Sangrur, who served as Foreign Minister of Jind state. She however passed away at a young age, secondly married Sardarni Rajinder Kaur, daughter of Sardar Bahadur Hakikat Singh Grewal of Balwar, Sangrur, who served as Adjutant of the Jind State Forces, and Sardarni Avtar Kaur, from the family of the Sandhu Jatchief of Thethar. had issues with eight childrens :-
    • Wazir Singh
    • Jasmer Singh , was retired as a Chief Engineer. He was an excellent athlete and field hockey player who qualified for the Olympics, but was unable to compete due to the onset of WW2. In his later years, he made a substantial monetary contribution in establishing a Degree College in Gurney Kalan, Sangrur, which in his honor was named Jasmer Singh Jaijee College. He was married twice, firstly to Sardarni Beant Kaur, from the family of the Guram Jat Sardars of Bithur, Uttar Pradesh and secondly to Sardarni Shavinder Pal Kaur, a descendant of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore via Kanwar Kashmira Singh of Lahore.
    • Gursharan Singh Jaijee, DIG retd. from the Indian Police Service (IPS). He was awarded the President’s Police Medal for quelling disturbances that broke out in Kashmir in 1965 following the loss of a sacred relic from Hazrat Bal Mosque in Srinagar. Post retirement, he was imprisoned for a short while due to his protest of Operation Blue Star. Sardar Gursharan Singh was married to Sardarni Gurdevinder Kaur, the only daughter of Sardar Bahadur Lt. General Gurdial Singh Harika of Bakhshiwala, Patiala, had issues with three sons :-
      • Ravisharan Singh, was married had issue's with one daughter and son :-
        • Bibiji Jessica Kaur
        • Balraj Singh Jaijee
      • Amaritbir Singh, was married had issue's with one daughter and son :-
        • Udaibir Singh
        • Bibiji Anjali Kaur
      • Gurdeep Singh
    • Lt. Col. Balbir Singh Jaijee fought in Kashmir in 1947. He volunteered to join the parachute regiment and was one of the youngest Lt. Colonel to command a parachute unit. He served with the United Nations in 1956 and was later posted to Nagaland. He died on active duty in 1965. He was married to Sardarni Harbir Kaur d/o S. Kishan Singh Deorhi, had issue's with two daughters and two sons :-
      • Gunbir Singh
      • Kushalbir Singh
      • Bibiji Simrat Kaur
      • Bibiji Amreesh Kaur
    • Inderjit Singh Jaijee, was qualified as a lawyer. He served as an MLA from Lehragaga, District Sangrur, for a term. He left the Akali Government in 1987, along with 24 MLA's and 3 MP's, in protest against Sardar Surjit Singh Barnala's involvement in Operation 'Wood Rose' at the Golden Temple. However, Surjit Singh Barnala revoked his resignation order, and he was reinstated along with the 24 MLAs, in order they received the privileges and pensions from the Ministry. In 1987, he started an organization called 'Movement Against State Repression' (MASR) in which his deputies were Col. Pratap Singh and his sister Sardarni Baljit Kaur. A parallel organization was also raised by Justice Ajit Singh Bains called 'Punjab Human Rights Organization', since then the two have been collaborating to prevent the killing of innocent Sikhs in fake encounters in Punjab. In 2002, he setup another organization called 'Baba Nanak Educational Society'. This was to investigate the high rate of suicides in Punjab, which has had a detrimental effect on the debt-ridden Sikh farmers. In Punjab, the worst affected suicidal areas are Districts Barnala and Sangrur, covering over 135 affected villages. He has written extensively on farmers’ suicides in Punjab. 'Baba Nanak Educational Society' supports the families of suicide victims. It is now a thriving organization that attracts international recognition and support from prestigious US Universities like Harvard and Cornell. In his youth, was also the national champion in long jump in the Indian National Championship Athletic Games in 1952. He was married to Sardarni Diljit Kaur, retd. IAS, d/o Major General Sardar Rawind Singh Grewal had issues with two daughters :-
      • Bibiji Aman Kaur
      • Bibiji Harman Kaur
    • Gurpal Singh Jaijee
    • Bibiji Mehtab Kaur (also known as Rajmata Mohinder Kaur Of Patiala), was born in 1922,was done there educated in Queen Mary College, Lahore was married to H.H Maharaja Yadvendra Singh Of Patiala (b.1914- d.1974), was served as a member of Rajya Sabha, as a Congress party member. In 1967, she was elected to the Lok Sabha (1967–71), from Patiala constituency. Unfortunately, in 1974 Later on, in 1977, outraged by the excesses of the Emergency, Rajmata Mohinder Kaur joined the Janata Party and was named one of its general secretaries. That party won the general elections held shortly thereafter, and in 1978, she was elected a member of the Rajya Sabha and served from 1978–1984. In her retirement, Rajmata Mohinder Kaur maintained the charitable traditions of her family and remained assiduous in matters of tradition and religious observance. Her piety, austerity and charity made her a cultural icon in Patiala.
    • Bibiji Kamaljeet Kaur, was married to Mannan Jat ruler Raja Anmol Rattan Singh of Buria, Jagadhri, Haryana (later Rani Sahiba of Buria ), she worked in the Indian Foreign Service’s in senior positions.
    • Bibiji Baljit Kaur, has played a key role in establishing Sikh monuments like Chappar Chiri. She has also been very active in the field of social welfare in Punjab and in supporting Khalsa College in Amritsar. Sardarni Baljit Kaur was married to Gill Jat Jagirdar Sardar Jagjeet Singh Gill of Puranewala, Moga.
  • Sardar Wazir Singh Jaijee, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, was served as Director of Education in Patiala State and later he served as Deputy Commissioner in various places. He was married to Sardarni Gurcharan Kaur, the only child of Sardar Sewa Singh Thikriwala. had issues with five sons and two daughters :-
    • Daljit Singh
    • Amarjit Singh, was married had issue with one daughter and son :-
      • Bibiji Jaspreet Kaur
      • Damaninder Singh
    • Gaganjit Singh, was married had issues with two daughters:-
      • Bibiji Tara Kaur
      • Bibiji Gita Kaur
    • Karambir Singh, was married had issue with one son :-
      • Jagatbir Singh
    • Jagbir Singh
    • Bibiji Arshbir Kaur
    • Bibiji Jatinder Kaur
  • Sardar Daljit Singh Jaijee, Jagirdar Of Chural Kalan, was had issue's with one daughter with son :-
    • Bibiji Amrita Kaur
    • Anoop Singh


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