Bakshi Sardar Bir Singh Jaijee Of Churnal Kalan, was born into Shergill Jat family, he was the son of Sardar Mohar Singh Of Churnal Kalan. He served as Commander-in-Chief of the Patiala Army. It was during the second year of the reign of Maharaja Karam Singh, that a Patiala force under the command of Bakshi (General) Bir Singh Jaijee accompanied the political agent Colonel Ochterlony to confront General Amar Singh Thapa, the Gurkha Commander, who was moving west from Nepal capturing the entire hill belt of Kumaon, Gharwal and the Punjab Hills. The Patiala force was in-charge of protecting the British supply lines. The battle took place at Malaun in Hindoor (Nalagarh) state on the 15th of April, 1815. General Amar Singh Thapa was defeated. Maharaja Karam Singh in compensation was given hill territory (16 parganas) in perpetuity, touching river Giri in the east, and from Kalka in the south to Fagu in the north. This contributed a great deal to the expansion and consolidation of the Patiala State. For his service, Bakshi Bir Singh was awarded a number of villages in the newly acquired hill territory. He went on to serve Patiala State as Foreign Minister, Judicial Magistrate and Home Minister. He established the villages of Chural Kalan, Dhirpur, Gobindgarh Jejian, Bishanpura and Dharamgarh.

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