SAHIB SINGH BHANGI (d.1811), was son of Gujjar Singh Of Lahore of the Bhangi Jat clan, one of the numerous principalities into which Punjab was divided during the latter part of the 18th century, ruled over the territory of Gujrat in central Punjab. He was married to Raj Kaur, daughter of Charat Singh Sukerchakia, the grandfather of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. On the eve of the first invasion, in 1794, of Shah Zaman, grandson of Ahmad Shah Durrani, it was estimated that Sahib Singh`s state yielded an annual revenue of thirteen lakh rupees. He owned twelve forts and had a body of 2,000 horses in permanent employ, besides a big gun called Shah Pasand.
In June 1797, Sahib Singh joined Ranjit Singh in his campaign against Hashmat Khan, the chief of the Chattha tribe, whose possessions lay on the left bank of the River Chenab. At the time of the last invasion of Shah Zaman in 1798, Sahib Singh, along with Ranjit Singh, attacked him with 500 horses. On the withdrawal of Shah Zaman from Punjab in January 1799, Sahib Singh under instruction from Ranjit Singh led a force towards Kashmir, and in 1806 accompanied him on his expedition into the cis Sutlej region.
As his own position became vulnerable in consequence of the hostility of the surrounding Sikh chiefs, Ranjit Singh ended Sahib Singh`s authority by annexing his country. In 1810, the Maharaja, upon the intercession of Mai Lachhmi, mother of Sahib Singh, granted him a Jagir worth one lakh of rupees which he held until his death the following year. On Sahib Singh`s death, Maharaja Ranjit Singh married by the customary rite of chadar dalna., two of the former`s wives, Daya Kaur and Ratan Kaur, who were real sisters, celebrated for their beauty. Daya Kaur gave birth to Kashmira Singh and Pashaura Singh and Ratan Kaur to Multana Singh.

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