Going to Dera Baba Nanak from Batala city, at a distance of 7kms comes a village Dharamkot Bagga. This place is a significant place in Sikh history. During Misl period and Lahore Empire, this village was an important centre of Sikh activity.

Historical sepulchres of some Jat Sikh Chiefs who had challenged Abdali in the battlefield are located on the eastern side of this village. The Sepulchres in the photos are of Sardar Amar Singh, Bhag Singh, Budh Singh and other chiefs of Kanhaiya Misl’. Sardar Amar Singh was a native of village Bagga of District Amritsar. He joined Kanhaiya Misl under the command of Sardar Jai Singh in 1759. To save Punjab from the onslaught of Abdali and other invaders, he bravely fought against them. These Bagga Jat Sikhs had also played a major role in helping Ranjit Singh and Sada Kaur get victory over Lahore.Sardar Amar Singh had occupied Dharamkot Bugga, Sujanpur, Sukalgarh, Behrampur, Gurdaspur. Bagga Sikhs also constructed a fort in Sukalgarh. In 1805, Sardar Amar Singh died and his two sons Bhag Singh and Budh Singh served as millitary generals in the Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Not only Sardar Bhag Singh was an expert swordsman and knew how to make weapons, he was also a skilled painter and proficient in Sanskrit and Persian. Sardar Bhag Singh passed away in 1808 and his son Hari Singh carried forward his legacy. During the reign of Ranjit Singh, Jagir was also allotes to Bagga Sandhu Sikhs. Descendants of Bagga are living in this village. They had also built a fort in Dharamkot Bagga but today a single wall is all what is left of it. The Samadhas are now over 200 years old and are in abject condition. These remnants of Sikhs are dying a death. Ignorance or unawareneass about the glory of the Bagga Chiefs is to the extent that hardly anyone knows about them in the village. These historic samadhs are badly in need of repairs and renovation. These historic samadhs must be conserved so that the coming generation could get a chance to connect with and learn the shining history of their forefathers.

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