Zanburak, literally meaning hornet, was a specialized form of self-propelled artillery from the early modern period, featuring small swivel guns mounted on and fired from camels.

The image is of a camel saddle mounted gun from Lahore which was exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London, 1851. (Digital Library India) These camel guns are mentioned numerous times throughout British newspaper reports on the Sikhs and were used throughout the sub-continent.

An example below is taken from the Sun, 7th March 1846 -January 13th 1846. It is ascertained that the Sirdar Ranjodh Singh Shergill Of Majithia and the Raja of Ladwa have written to the Sirkar of Lahore, representing that the two, with Baba Bakrema Singh, Baba Ladho Singh, Kurtapoora, and Baba Nundeapoor, having some 30,000 men, cavalry, infantry…… and artillery, including Zamboorches, were encamped at Phullor, and that they had entered on a plan for plundering the country on the other side the Sutlej, after which they would be able to attack Loodianah, which would doubtless fall into their hands.”

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