In year 1597 CE, Guru Arjan Dev, while preaching Sikh Faith from village to village in Majha Region came Village Bhaini Sandhua de from Sarhali Kalan also of Sandhu Jatt tribe. Guru Sahib rested outside village, Sandhu Jatt Zamindars at head of Chaudhri Danna Singh Sandhu came and welcomed Guru Sahib.

Wife of Chaudhri Danna Singh Sandhu, Mai Sukhan Lambardarni made traditional Churi (flatbread mixed with butter and Jaggery) and present it in front of Guru Sahib. Guru Arjan Dev Jee smiled Mai (Mother), what have you brought and on removing cloth of dish said Mai you have brought Chohla or tasty meal. Guru Sahib renamed village from Bhaini Sandhua to Chohla. cording to village elders Guru Sahib stayed in Chohla for 2 and half years. Along with Guru Sahib was Mata Ganga Jee wife of Guru Sahib and child Hargobind Sahib (Guru Hargobind Sahib).

Historic well used by Guru Arjan Dev still exists but has dried up in recent years due to natural water levels in Punjab going down due to excessive usage by farmers. Locals say back in 1970s and even 80s water from well was fresh and cool. Village Sikh Jat Zamindars went to Patti to give revenue to Mughal officials who on hearing change of name in the government documents changed name to Chohla. Original mansion or Haveli was mud built from time of Guru Arjan Dev alway upto time of Ahluwalia Misl or Confederacy that ruled from 1751-1803.

Mahant Surmukh Dass Udasi during Ranjit Singh time managed this new building rebuilt by Ranjit Singh with help of Sandhu Zamindars of Chohla . In year 1808 CE, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahore ordered mud mansion to be rebuilt in brick. But in recent years mansion has been in bad condition.

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