Arjan Vailly also know as “Arjan Singh Virk” was one of the most famous folk heros in Punjab , as per some local sources he was born in around 1876 in Rurka , Ludhiana district, Punjab into a Virk Jat family, Arjan was a six and a half feet tall young man and did not believe in anyone’s deception, he was used to keeping a long stick or Gandasa in his hand. The estate was open and he was a helper of a bad person, while stopping the push of a poor person he broke the hand of a policeman, due to this nature of his people started calling him “Vailly” and he became “Arjan Vailly” from Arjan Singh Virk.

During the partition of 1947, ArjanWali helped many Muslims and Arjan Vailly leave Malerkotla. One of them was Ralla Teli, a Muslim friend of Arjan Vailly, who was brought safely to Malerkotla and his gold and silver kept with him as a deposit. He kept it with him, which was later taken away by his son Sardar. Arjan Vailly later became Amritdhari and spent time in Firozpur jail during the Punjabi Province Front, the Punjab government awarded him Tabar Patra for his services. He worked more and more for the welfare of the people in the village and used to distribute Revada to small children while singing “Shabad”. Arjan Vailly breathed his last in Rajendra Hospital in 1968 when he went out despite doctors’ advice after Gadhudha’s operation, where Arjan Vailly’s stitches got opened due to stray animals and Arjan Vailly died due to bleeding. Now his descendants is living at Canada.

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