Some of the territories of Rani Sada Kaur had been usurped by Sansar Chand Katoch of Kangra. In the words of Khushwaqat Rai, “Sansar Chand often uttered these remarks from his tongue; from the hair of the Sikhs I shall prepare the ropes for my horses’ and spoke very ill of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh.” 102 He was planning to further penetrate into Sada Kaur’s territories. She informed Ranjit Singh of Sansar Chand’s designs. Sansar Chand captured the fort of Garhdiwala and gave it to Jodh Singh Ramgarhia and Bhunga to Nawab Fatu Khan, brother of Ghulam Qadar.

The Maharaja led an army of six thousand horsemen into Kangra. Sansar Chand ran away for his life. ‘The territories of Sada Kaur occupied by Sansar Chand were restored to her. Nurpur was also taken from Sansar Chand.


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