Baba Kala Mehar was the leader of the Sandhu clan and was a very strong, brave and aggressive person. It appeared that he never slept and was always wondering about with his eyes always open. Baba Mehar had many enemies that were waiting for a chance to murder him, but no one was brave enough to face or fight him. .

In the end, Baba Mehar was betrayed by an insider with knowledge about his sleeping secret. The traitor informed the enemies that when Baba Mehar was sitting with his wooden rod under his chin and although his eyes remained open – this meant that he was sleeping. With this knowledge the enemies found their opportunity to commit the crime. When these enemies found Baba Mehar in the sitting position with the rod under his chin, they decapitated him. .

After Baba Mehar’s head was separated from his body, the head rolled for 2 or 3 kilometres until it stopped in DhollaBhagga. Baba Mehar’s tribe and family followed the rolling head and established a shrine on the spot where Baba Mehar’s head had come to a stop. The Sandhu descendents of Baba Mehar’s have cherished, honored and paid homage to Baba’s temple for over 10 generations.

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