BRIEF HISTORY Bikrami Samvat Assu 1769 November 1712

At this pious religious place. Baba Sukha Singh also know as Baba Sukha Singh Sandhu  with other Sikh fellows accompanying him, was Martyred in the DharamYudh. Baba Sukha Singh  was younger brother of Baba BazSingh He was Born into a Sandhu Jat family.Baba Baz Singh.was appointed as Governor by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. In the nearby village Burail, Mughal kings, Jaula Khan, Rustam Khan and Shamas Khan were living. These kings had spread their terror in the area. Neither belongings of Hindus nor the honour of their wives was safe. Whenever the marriage palanquin of anyone reached Burail, these Mughal kings used to take the marriage palanquin forcibly first of all in the Burail Fort and freed the Hindu women disgracefully after so many days. Living of Hindus had become impossible and the people of the area begged their lives from the Mughal kings but filled with power. They did not have any concerns with the wealth and honour of the women. Today, the place of Burail Fort, where the Mughal kings used to keep the marriage palanquins of Hindus, exists. The people of the area fed up with tyranny of Jaula Khan. narrated everything to Baba Sukha Singh  and requested for protection from Mughal kings Jaula Khan and his fellows accompanying him. Owing to the philanthropic approach of the Khalsa, Baba Sukha Singh ji acceded to the request of aggrieved Hindus. First or all, Jaula Khan was made to understand that as the daughters and sisters are common for all, he should not commit the transgression. But filled with power, the Mughal kings did not show any thoughtfulness. After this Baba Sukha Singh planned to take them out from the Fort and according to khalsai rites, decided to fight with them for setting them right. The Khalsa wrote a letter to these greedy Mughal kings that marriage palanquins of Rajputs are coming from Ropar which are carrying plenty of wealth too. Jaula Khan and his associates became greedy and hide themselves in an orchard. When they saw the donkeys, sent by Khalsa, coming near to them, they attacked on them and they were ashamed to see that instead of wealth, stones were laid on their backs. When these Mughal kings came back to Burail fort, the Singhs had taken possession of the Fort.The fight started and first Jatha, under the leadership of Baba Harkirat Singh Ji was sent by Baba Sukha Singh from inside the fort and by killing mughals, they became martyrs. In the fort of village Burail, a great fight was fought for approximately one month between Singhs and mughals and in the end, Baba Sukha Singh  along with so many Singhs became martyrs during fight in this DharamYudh. Regarding this fight, a great historian, Giani Gian Singh Ji writes in ‘PanthParkash” at page number 454 as under: Almost all the enemies were dead in this fight and only those survived who ran away from the war. The Khalsa won. This orchard was called as the orchard of Mahants but later on it was named as”Bag Shaheedan” in the memory of the martyrs. In the pious memory of martyr Baba Sukha Singh and associated martyr Singhs, a historical Gurdwara Sahib has been constructed inside this bag. Kar-Sewa for the construction of the Hall (Darbar) was got done by Baba SukhaSingh Ji, Kar-Sewa, Karnal. This place was also visited by Baba Banda Singh Ji BahaduralongwithSinghsfor encouraging the Sikh Army. This historical place is being looked after by the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee with the co-operation of the area people. In the memory of Martyr Baba Sukha Singh Ji and associated Singhs, ShaheediJorMela is organized every year in the month of November. This pious place has great importance from where we learn about the pious and high character of Singhs, protection for the aggrieved people and Great Spirit of sacrifice.

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