At the Battle of Bijal on 4th July 1688),Raja Ram Singh or Raja Ram Jat and Rai Ramcharan Singh Sogarwar died and

Ram Singh Chahar was made captive by the Mughals. ‘Ram Singh Chahar was brought to Agra.Ram Singh Chahar‘s head was chopped off by the Mughal in front of Agra Fort and later hanged at the Gates.The loss of 3 important leader of Jat confedracy was a major setback to Jat nation. Mughals find no better time to get rid of Jats.

Mughals led a vigourous operation against the Jats. Aurangjeb appointed his favourite grandson Bidar Bakht as the commander of operation against the Jats. He appointed Bishen Singh of Amber as the Fauzdar of Mathura and bestowed a Mansab of 2000 upon him with repeated orders for the “general massacre” of Jats. Emperor also issued an oral order to the effect that the foremost duty of Bishan Singh was the”extirpation of Jat-i-Badzat(Jats of evilbreed). The Mughal Subahdar of Agra Subah Fidai Khan also joined with his uncle Amjad Khan. Raja Kalyan Singh of Bah was also employed in this task. The first expediton was against Sonkh.

On September,1688 Sonkh was attacked.A section of Jats under the leadership of Thakur Akhay Singh,(Khera Chaudhary of Magrora) assembled near Gokula Singh tried to create a diversion there and thereby relieve the Mughal pressure on Sonkh. Sukhpal Singh defended the Fort for 4 month after which imperial took the Fort(and Sukhpal Singh died).Mughal after capturing Sonkh totally destroyed the fort.

Banarsi Singh with Thakur Jagman Singh,his family and followers escaped to Sinsini.

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