when Ala Singh escaped from the fort of Sunam, the The poltical horizon of the punjab was overcast with the clouds of Ahmad Shah’ Abdali’s? invasion. The conquest of Peshawar by Abdali and his intended march towards Lahore disturbed the political set up at Sirhind. In order to profit from the disorder to be caused by Abdali’s invasion Ali Mohammad Khan, Faujdar of Sirhind, left his post of his own accord and reached his original territory, Katehar. By doing so he killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, had he been at Sirhind he might have been pressed by Wazir Qamar-ud-din to fight against Ahmad Shah Abdali, a man of his own nationality. Secondly, by his flight from Sirhind he avoided the payment of dues to the Imperial treasury which otherwise could not refuse.’ Ahmad Shah Abdali’s invasion, Ali Mohammad’s departure from Sirhind and Delhi Government’s defensive measures gave Ala Singh the opportunity to display his bravery and tact. On hearing about the invasion of India by Ahmad Shah, the Mughal Emperor, Mohammad Shah (1719-1748 A.D.), deputed his son, Prinçe-Ahmad, to check the progress of the invader. The Prince moved towards Sirhind with a powerful army. After making Sirhind the base for the supply of food and ammunition he marched towards Machhiwara’ in order to arrest the advance of the invader.’ Ahmad Shah Abdali proved very shrewd and successfully dodged the Imperial army by crossing the Sutlej at Ludhiana. He reached Sirhind by night march. The Mughal garrison were taken unawares. They offered feeble resistance, after which they surrendered. The treasury,artillery and women left by the Imperial army were captured by Abdali. On hearing of this, the Prince immediately beat a hurried retreat from Machhiwara side and reached Manupur and entrenched himself there for the fight which continued for sixteen day. °Ala Singh played a prominent part during this fight against Ahmad Shah Abdali. The war strategy of the Imperial army was to cutoff the supplies of Abdali’s forces and ultimately overpower them. It was during, the economic blockade of the invader that Ala Singh exhibited extraordinary courage and pluck. When the Afghan parties came out from their camp to procure their food grains by loot and plunder from the surrounding villages, Ala Singh along with Rai Kalhaused to fall upon them and deprive them of their booty. The Afghan troopers who came out on such expeditions were so much harassed and teased that Ahmad Shah Abdali ordered that every foraging party should be accompanied by a military contingent.? Ala Singh’s efforts to make successful the economic blockade of Abdali’s army did not remain unrecognized and unrewarded. Prince Ahmad greatly appreciated the courage, valour and audacity of Maharaja Ala Singh and rewarded him with arobe of honour khil at after the successful termination of war.”Ahmad Shah Abdali retired to his own country.’The imperial robe of honour granted to Ala Singh removed the stigma of his imprisonment and raised his prestige in the eyes of the chieftains of the. area, It increased his self confidence and encouraged him for further conquest and expansion of his territories.

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