The murder of Dhillon Jat Chiefs Sardar Jhanda Singh Of Bhangi was rankling in the mind of Ganda Singh who was watching for an opportunity which soon presented itself to him to declare war upon Jal Singh Kanhiya. Pathankot had been given by Jhanda Singh to Nand Singh,’ a chief of the Bhangi Misl. He died shortly after the Jammu affair, leaving behind’ a widow and a daughter. According to the custom among the Sikhs the widow was to be taken to wife by the younger brother of the deceased husband, or some other near relative, or a person belonging to the same confederacy. This practice was followed to prevent the lands from going to an enemy, Nand Singh’s widow, however, offered her daughter and the estate to Gurbäkhsh Singh son’ ‘of Jat Singh Kanhiya, The proposal was declined for fear of war with the Bhangis ; but he referred the widow to Hagigat Singh who persuaded his own brother Tara Singh to accept the proffer. Tara Singh proved very unscrupulous.He came to Pathankot, married the girl and received the district of Pathankot indowry. Shortly afterwards he murdered both the women and became the sole owner of the land:This greatly Incensed Ganda Singh who demanded restitution of Pathankot which was refused. Ganda Singh came to Amritsar and met Jassa Singh Ramgarhia who excited him to fight the Kanhiyas. There upon Ganda Singh, Gujar Singh, Lahna Singh, Bhag Singh of Chamyari, Pir Muhammad Khan Chatha, Ranjit Dev of Jammu and Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, all advanced against the united forces of Jat Chiefs Kanhiyas, Sukerchakias and Ahluwalias. The two armies met at Dinanagar and fought for many days. After ten day’ continuous struggle a calamity fell upon the Bhangis owing to the sudden death of Ganda Singh from illness. His son, Desa Singh, being a minor, was superseded by Charat Singh, a nephew of Ganda Singh. As ill luck would have it the new chief also lost his life in one of the engagements. Consequently Desa Singh was raised to the leadership of the Misl. But as the great Sardars who had fought under the renowned Hari Singh, Jhanda Singh and Ganda Singh could not be controlled by a lad; and as all of them were dismayed at the loss of two of their chieftains, they stopped fighting and retired to Amritsar.’

References :-

  • Histroy Of The Sikhs vol 3 – Hari Ram Gupta.
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