The Battle of Sialkot was fought between the Durrani Empire led by Jahan Khan and the Sukerchakia Misl Chief Sardar Charat Singh on November 12 1763.

Battle of Sialkot (Part of Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani)

Date :-12 November 1763

Location :- Sialkot

Result :- Sukerchakia Misl Victory

Belligerents :- Sukerchakia Misl Vs Durrani Empire

Commanders and leaders :- Charat Singh Vs Jahan Khan

The Battle :-

Ahmad Shah Durrani returned to Kabul after his invasion to India and he appointed Kabuli Mal and Zain Khan Sir hindi as the Governors of Lahore and Sir hind respectively. The Afghani Governor of Lahore was facing harassment by Sikh bands and with the passage of time, the Governor came under increasing Sikh pressure and the Sikhs had by this time by force of their chivalry and also cavalry defeated some Afghan army garrisons which were stationed in several villages in the Punjab region. However, these defeats were not taken lightly by Ahmad Shah Durrani, who was angered at the Sikhs. Therefore, he sent one of his most trusted generals, Jahan Khan to eliminate the growing threat of the Sikhs. Jahan Khan and his forces met with the Sardar Charat Singh in the city of Sialkot, northeast of Lahore. In the ensuing battle, Jahan Khan and his forces were met with much more ferocity by the Sikhs just like they had 2 years before in this same city. The Sardar Charat Singh forced the Afghans to withdraw. The battle ended in a Sukerchakia Misl Victory.

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