The Battle of Sikandra was fought between forces of Jats and Mughals in March 1688. Jat army attacked Akbar’s tomb located in Sikandra, Agra under the leadership of Raja Ram Singh (also Know as Raja Ram Jat) and defeated Mughal army.

Date :- March 1688

Location :- Agra

Result:- Jat victory

Belligerents :- Jat Confederacy Vs Mughal Empire with Jaipur State

Commanders and leaders :- Raja Ram Jat Vs Aurangzeb with Bishan Singh

Battle :-

In March 1688, Rajaram attacked the Mughals at Sikandra and cut off 400 Mughal soldiers. During this time Aurangzeb appointed Raja of Jaipur Bishan Singh military commander at Mathura. He was very loyal person of Aurangzeb and fought against Jats. It is said that Rajaram broke the graves of Akbar and Jahangir, took out their ashes and burnt them to ashes.

“Two-and-a-half masati curry, digging grave curry ravine, Akbar aru Jahangir’s thick curry bone”.
Manuchi says that the Jats broke those huge bronze gates. They uprooted precious gems and stones of gold and silver and destroyed what they could not carry. Rajaram’s courage was discussed and the Mughal rulers were afraid of him. Rajaram destroyed the war which was sown by Aurangzeb’s atrocities. Due to the atrocities of Aurangzeb, the destruction of Hindu temples and the construction of mosques in the place of temples, the feeling of revenge had developed in the minds of the people. For this reason people started revolting against the Mughal rule.

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