Bhag Singh Of Kargal ,was born in the family of one of the most powerful Jagirdars of that time.He was a Virk Jat from a native of Kargál in the Gujranwala tahsil, who, in the time of Charat Singh and Maha Singh, had seized a large portion of the Gujránwala and Sheikhupura parganahs and extended his power up to the banks of the Rávimen.

Though a steady supporter of the Bhatti Jat Chiefs Of Sukerchakia while they were struggling against their rivals, he was too near the throne for the Maháraja to brook him as a rival.He was compelled in 1805 to sacrifice his independence and submit to the Maharajah who granted him 84 villages in Jagir and put him  Command of the Virakhor Virk House. He was died in 1806 and his successor was his son SardarJodh Singh.

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