Bhai Budha Singh Of Jhamba, was born into the Brar Jat family,He was related to Faridkot State and the founder of the family, Bhai Budha Singh Of Jhamba took part in the union of Sikh confederacies in 1762, which attacked Sirhind and captured it , from the Muhammadan governor, Zain Khan, who was slain. The spoils were divided amongst the victors according to the amount of assistance rendered, and Budha Singh received as his share the village lands of Sirhind, a camel-swivel and one hundred and fifteen matchlocks.

He returned to Jhamba, and shortly afterwards took possession of trenty-eight villages in the Bahorlaga. He next joined with Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Chief of KotKapura, and Bhai Desa Singh, in the spolition of Bahak Bodla, which was divided among the allies in the usual fashion, Budha Singh receiving one-eighth. He died at Kaitha! after a fighting career of thirty-four years, in which period he managed to acquire lands yielding Rs. 84,000 in revenue.

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