Bhai Sho Sham Singh Of Jhamba, was born into BrarJat family , He was direct descendants of Bhai Buddha Singh Of Jhamba, Who was founder of Jhamba Estate. Bhai Sho Sham Singh was made an Honorary Magistrate in 1893, and an Honorary Civil Judge in 1895. During the Great War, the Bhai contributed Rs. 11,200 to the War Loan, and in addition collected Rs. 22,000, from his ilaga for the same purpose. His recruiting activities brought about the enlistment of some 377 recruits from his Zail.

In recognition of these services he was awarded a recruiting badge and several certificates. Bhai She Sham Singh received from the Government 10 squares of land in the Multan district as a landed gentry grant in 1916.He was died in 1920,

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