Bhai Shub Sher Singh Of Arnauli was born in 1914 , he was completed his schooling at Aitchison College and Queen Mary College, Lahore. He was the winner of the Viceroy’s Challenge Cup for being the best cricketer in 1933. Later, he took charge of overseeing his estates with profound ability. He was regarded as a wise and honest man, who was held in the highest esteem by everyone

He had striking good looks with a keg intellect. He was compassionate and philanthropist who had reformed mug of his estate through education. He was a close ally of the Maharaja of Patiala, and was one of the office bearers of the Khalsa Defense of India League in which the Maharaja was the President-General. Bhai Shubsher Singh was a keen sportsman, who excelled in cricket and enjoyed horse riding. He was an avid dog lover and a photographer as well. His marksmanship in hunting and shooting is well known. He married Sardarni Narinder Pal Kaur (1916-1977), the daughter of Sardar Bahadur Fateh Singh Malwai, Home Secretary of the Faridkot State and Sardarni Attal Kaur of Malaudh. They had two sons; Krishen Sher Singh and Tony Singh (1937-1939) who died prematurely just before receiving his formal christening. His half-sister, Sardarni Shubsher Kaur married to Lieutenant Sardar Bahadur Sardar Rant Singh of Shahzadpur.He was died in 1958.

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