In April 1814 again Maharaja Ranjit Singh Of Lahoremartialled his forces for a march against Kashmir. The tributary chiefs were ordered by him to join the Durbar forces with their contingents. The Maharaja held an inspection of the entire Durbar army at Wazirabad. The Sikh army reached Rajauri on June 11, 1814. Ram Dayal, accompanied by Jiwan Mal, Dal Singh and their contingents, reached Behram Gala and conquered it and established their thana there and took possession of the hills of Pir Panjal. Ram Dayal was confronted with the forces of Azim Khan, the governor of Kashmir. There was a severe fighting between the forces of Ram Dayal and Azim Khan, on 24th June 1814. There was again bloody fighting at Shopian. Prince Kharak Singh’s brave officer Jiwan Mal died fighting there. 161 Mit Singh Of Padhania also died fighting and his son Sandhu Jat Jagiradar Sardar Jawala Singh was g-ven his father’s place. Ram Dayal acquitted himself very honourably. Two thousand Afghans were kilied there. Azim Khan was impressed by the bravery and intrepedity of Diwan Ram Dyal. Dwelling upon the friendly relations with Mohkam Chand, grandfather of Ram Dyal, Azim Khan is said to have considered it worth while to contract cordial relations with Ram Dyal and Lahore Durbar. He sent valuable presents for the Maharaja and assured Ram Dyal of wishing well of the Maharaja and his kingdom.


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