Captain Gulab Singh Attariwala  was born in 1827 the younger sibling of Raja Sher Singh Attari wala,He was permitted to return to Punjab after the Commander-in-Chief, Sir Henry Davis, cancelled an order, forbidding him to return to Attari in 1872. He became the representative of the junior branch of the Sidhu Jat family of  Attari Estate, and took up residence in Amritsar, becoming a Magistrate in 1884.

He was attached to the staff of the Viceroy as Aiden-de Camp on the visit of Marquis of Ripon,to Lahore, and was appoing kopailor to the Maharaja of Jammu g coummi, on a salary of R$ 12,000 per Annum. He possessed immense properta anArtari, and Bela Bhela, in Rae Bare District, Uttar Pradesh, which was value Diseven lakh rupees, annuals. ed an income of Rs 17,000, annually. When he prematurely passed away from hear disease, the entire estate was placed in charge of Lala Gurmukh Rai of Amritsar, under the control of the Court of Wards in 1887. Gulab Singh was a liberal man, admired and respected by men of the upper classes, for his generous and kind ways. His sudden death, comparatively at a young age, was regarded as a heavy loss to the entire Sikh community. He was survived by a son, Nihal Singh, who married Raj Kumari Ghansham Kaur, of Mursan in Uttar Pradesh. In 1904, he proceeded to England, to complete his education and he became a member of the Legislative Council. Gulab Singh’s two daughters, Bibi Har Kaur, married Sardar Balwant Singh of Ranger Nangal in Gurdaspur Districk, and Narinder Kumari, marriedSardar Umrao Singh of Majithia fame.He was died in 1887.

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