Captain Sardar Bahadur Sher Singh Sandhu Of Chak Sher Singh (O.B.I) was born into Samdhu Jat family of Chak Sher Singh estate , Sahiwal District,(Now in Pakistan), When he was young he was served in the newly created 4th Punjab Infantry of the British Indian Army, in 1849

Participated in following operations :-

1-Operations against the frontier Umarzai tribesmen, in 1852(wounded during the Mutiny of 1857)
2-He was actively present during the siege and capture of Delhi and Lucknow
3-served in the Kabul Khel Expedition of 1859
4- the Waziri Operations of 1860
5-the Jawakai Expedition in 1877
6-Anglo-Afghan War of 1879
7-1883 he served in the frontier Survey Expedition Of Takht-e-Sulaiman
8-His last military engagement, was in the Zhob Valley Expedition, in 1884

Subadar-Major (later Honorary Captain)

Regiment:- 4th Punjab Infantry
(57th Wilde’s Rifles)
Enlisted: 11/05 1849
Subadar-Major: 01/05/1876
For his meritorious services to the Indian Army, the British Government granted

Sardar Bahadur Sher Singh also received Jagir of 500 acres of land in the Montgomery District . In
1889, he was granted a pension, and lived out his well deserved retirement at Padhana, where he
built a big three floored haveli.

Sources :-

  • 1878 Indian Army List
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