Cheit Singh, youngest brother of Gujar Singh, had come to help- the Chathas. Mahan Singh arrested him and imprisoned him in the fort of Gujranwala. Raj Kaur, sister of Mahan Singh and wife of Sahib Singh, came from Gujrat to Gujranwala to secure liberation of Chait Singh. Mahan Singh did not listen to her, and did not set the Bhangi sardar free.

Mahan Singh then turned towards Bhangi territories. He captured Sahiwal and imprisoned its qiladar. He seized Pindi Bhattian, Isa Khel and Musa Khel. He killed Desa Singh of Chiniot in 1782. Karam Singh Dulu held his own successfully at Jhang.

In 1777, Mahan Singh entered the Sialkot district, almost the whole of which belonged to Bhangis. First of all he attacked Kotla Loharan, famous for the manufacture of arms. He obtained match- locks in tribute. He stayed in the district for two months. He invited all the Bhangi chiefs to meet him on a fixed day at a certain place. Twenty-two of them responded to his call. They were imprisoned. They were set free on acknowledgement of his over Jordship and pay- ment of tribute. Mahan Singh failed to capture Sialkot, as it was bravely defended by Charat Singh Bajwa of Badhala village and Mansa Singh and Rupa Singh. Mahan Singh’s two months’ siege proved fairly satisfactory.
In 1783* Panjab was passing through a most critical period. For three years past not a drop of rain had fallen, and one of the severest famines had broken out in northern India. Adam adamra me khurd, wamadarbachchanrafiro me burd. Jahanetalafshud. Mahan Singh distributed a handful of grain to everybody who approached him.

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