Chaudhari Chajju Mal Of Makandpur was born into a Gill Jat family, He was the son of Chaudhari Takht Mal , Who was the founder of the Makandpur, His father was a very influential Jagirdar of his area. He they become Sardar during the region of Shahjahan . They were Chaudhry’s in the Jalandhar Doab, and managed to make themselves masters of seventy villages on the north bank of the Satej. His  enemies were the Jaijun Rajputs, the old proprietors, whom they gradually managed to oust by fighting or intrigue. Rajputs after losing all battles from Gill Jats, the rajputs kept his words in front of  Shahjahan. After that Shahjahan also sent a letter to Chaudhari Chhajju Mal. But there was no assurance of any type from Chaudhary Of Makandpur, due to which Shahjahan looked at Rajputs. And Shah Jahan decided in favor of Rajputs. After getting an opportunity, Chaurhari Chhajju Mal and his family were secretly killed, but his son Zorawar Singh was saved, Later Zorawar Singh Become thread Chaudhari Of Makandpur.

References :-

  • Punjab DistrictGazetteers, Volume XIV
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